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Né le : 23/01/1978
Maison de Disque : Universal Music
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Partitions de wallen

  • Spectrum for clarinet

    Spectrum for clarinet

    Clarinet and Piano...

    23,90     + d'infos
  • Unbeaten Tracks (violin and piano), ed. Edward Huws Jones

    Unbeaten Tracks (violin and piano), ed. Edward Huws Jones

    'Unbeaten Tracks' offers eight contemporary pieces for the violin and piano. The composers have created pieces which are fun to play as well as helping to develop new techniques. This approachable set of pieces introduce contemporary sounds and styles in an interesting and playable way. The book also contains 'biopics' for each composer where they explain their inspiration and give further insight into the music. CONTENTS: Graham Fitkin: Glass, Christopher Fox: Crossing the Border, Michael Zev Gordon: Grace, Eddie McGuire: Reflection, Dominic Muldowney: Lear's Fool, William Sweeney: The Ballad of the Cat and the Ram, Errollyn Wallen: Woogie Boogie, John Woolrich: Midnight Song. Printed Music VIOLIN & PIANO Exam syllabus information: Violin TCL (NEW) : 5 - 6 [ends: 2015] BEST SELLER!

    5,50     + d'infos
  • Fingerprints (Piano Solo), ed. Anthony Williams

    Fingerprints (Piano Solo), ed. Anthony Williams

    for Piano Solo. 'Fingerprints' is a collection of piano pieces written by real, living composers who eat breakfast, get tired and irritable, laugh at jokes and have favourite things. Using their imagination and with a love for piano music, they have captured a little bit of what makes them who they are within some inspired pieces and left these as a set of musical 'Fingerprints' for you to play. This book is around Grade 1-4 standard CONTENTS: Christian Alexander: Flowers upon the grave of winter, The leaving of Liverpool, Louise Beach: Weaving song, Paul du Preez: Cowbells in Zululand, Peter Gritton: Timewarp, Richard Harris: Hopscotch, Twilight, Matthew Hindson: Tiny giant, Xmas bells, Nikki Iles: While the cat's away, Willow, Timothy Jackson: Eeyore's March, Spiders footprints, John Madden: Break in, Richard Peat: Dance variations, Robert Percy: Stop doing that!, Joseph Phibbs: Pounce, Peter Sculthorpe: Sometimes when I'm dreaming, Errollyn Wallen: Pizza with Kristin. Printed Music PIANO SOLO Grade level: 1,2,3,4 BEST SELLER!

    12,25     + d'infos

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