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Né le : 20/08/1982
Genre : Variétés \ Chansons Françaises
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Partitions de marka

  • U2: Complete Songs

    U2: Complete Songs

    U2 - The Complete Songs brings together all aspects of the band's remarkable 20 year songwriting, recording and touring career in one book. This fully...

    43,50     + d'infos
  • The Very Best of Eagles

    The Very Best of Eagles

    Containing 33 titles from the Eagles' remarkable career, this album-matching folio includes 24 pages featuring photos of the band and a conversation w...

    40,20     + d'infos
  • Great Guitars of Jazz (Vidéo)

    Great Guitars of Jazz (Vidéo)

    Herb Ellis, the late Tal Farlow, and Charlie Byrd exemplify the breadth of American jazz. These elder statesmen of the guitar shared well over a centu...

    30,90     + d'infos
  • Legends of Jazz Guitar Volume 2 (Vidéo)

    Legends of Jazz Guitar Volume 2 (Vidéo)

    Virtuosity tempered by taste and informed by imagination- it's a constant force in this collection of brilliant jazz guitar performances. "The thing i...

    30,90     + d'infos
  • Pushing The Senses (Partition)

    Pushing The Senses (Partition)

    Feeder present their 2005 album of thoughtful and atmospheric guitar rock, all transcribed for accurate Guitar Tab. All but gone are the raucous heavy...

    29,50     + d'infos
  • Jeff Buckley : Arranged for Piano

    Jeff Buckley : Arranged for Piano

    A unique selection from the celebrated songs of this hugely gifted singer/songwriter, all arranged for the solo Piano. Buckley's music has an unmistak...

    29,50     + d'infos
  • The Legacy of Doc Watson

    The Legacy of Doc Watson

    The first authorized compilation of Doc Watson's life and music is meant to serve not only as a biography, but also as a unique instructional book. A ...

    29,25     + d'infos
  • Anastasia (Vocal selections) by Stephen Flaherty

    Anastasia (Vocal selections) by Stephen Flaherty

    This extraordinary work by renowned composer Kurt Bestor has established itself as one of the truly remarkable additions to choral repertoire in the '...

    26,84     + d'infos
  • Muse : The Complete Chord Songbook

    Muse : The Complete Chord Songbook

    Every song recorded by Muse from the start of their remarkable career, up to the release of their hit album Absolution, with full lyrics and chords. E...

    26,10     + d'infos
  • Legends Of Jazz Guitar

    Legends Of Jazz Guitar

    The high-wire act of balancing virtuosity and musicality meets its match in the remarkable artists seen in this second DVD looking at the legends of j...

    26,00     + d'infos
  • The Best Of Pat Martino

    The Best Of Pat Martino

    A Step-by-Step Breakdown of the Guitar Styles and Techniques of a Modern Jazz Legend. Pat Martino learned how to play superb jazz guitar twice; he eme...

    23,30     + d'infos
  • System Of A Down : Mezmerize (Partition)

    System Of A Down : Mezmerize (Partition)

    The remarkable and unpredictable 2005 album by the Armenian/American MTV-favourites, transcribed in accurate Guitar tablature.System Of A Down present...

    23,30     + d'infos
  • One Quiet Night (Partition)

    One Quiet Night (Partition)

    Note-for-note guitar transcriptions from Pat Metheny's Grammy Award winning solo guitar album. All the songs from the record have been carefully trans...

    23,30     + d'infos
  • Aerial


    After a wait of 12 years since the success of The Red Shoes one of the most distinctive and remarkable voices in pop returns with a concept double alb...

    23,20     + d'infos
  • Unplugged (Partition+CD)

    Unplugged (Partition+CD)

    Eric Clapton Unplugged remains a high water mark in MTV's Unplugged series. It was a remarkably diverse outing exploring the full range of Clapton's a...

    20,50     + d'infos
  • The Best Of (Partition)

    The Best Of (Partition)

    One of the foremost Jazz guitarists of his generation, three-time Grammy nominee Mike Stern is celebrated in this set of transcriptions spanning his r...

    20,50     + d'infos
  • Twain, Shania: You're Still The One (Brown)

    Twain, Shania: You're Still The One (Brown)

    Still The One is an account of Shania Twain's remarkable achievement and her undaunted spirit. Shania has survived controversies over her Native ances...

    19,00     + d'infos
  • Tone Poems for Mandolin (Partition)

    Tone Poems for Mandolin (Partition)

    On the remarkable CD, Tone Poems, David Grisman and Tony Rice play 17 musical compositions on a wide range of vintage instruments. Mel Bay Publication...

    17,70     + d'infos
  • Mastering the Guitar Class Method Elementary to 8th Grade (Partition)

    Mastering the Guitar Class Method Elementary to 8th Grade (Partition)

    Mastering the Guitar Class Method is a remarkably innovative new approach to teaching guitar in class settings. Special features of this method includ...

    11,00     + d'infos

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Warm Ups for the Violinist (6,30 €)
As both a championship fiddler and superb teacher, Carol Ann Wheeler shares her remarkably successful warm-up routine in this handy 5 1/2"x 8" QWIKGUI...

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