Culture Musicale Saison 2 !!


God of Partoch
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Second class consumers-Zenzile

God of Partoch
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working class hero - john lennon

Hero Of The Day - Metallica

Membre Banni
Artiste très motivé
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Good Riddance(Time OF Your Life)-Green Day

Petit causeur
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Good Charlotte - Life style of the rich & the famous

God of Partoch
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in my life - the beatles

This Was My Life - Megadeth

in too deep-sum 41

Too many humans - Buckethead

human nature ( Miles Davis )

naughty by nature -OPP

By The Way - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Star du Forum
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"animal bar"- Red hot chili peppers

Hot And Heavy - Pantera

God of Partoch
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I want you (she's so heavy)- the beatles

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