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Live at the Glastonbury Festival

103:33Dead Leaves and the Dirty Groundoui
202:45Blue Orchidoui
302:26I Think I Smell a Rat / Passive Manipulation / Music Manoui
402:30Let’s Shake Hands
504:23The Nurseoui
602:10Hotel Yorbaoui
801:22Ball and Biscuitoui
903:52My Doorbelloui
1006:32Cannon / Broken Bricks / Cool Drink of Water / Ball and Biscuitoui
1104:02Passive Manipulation / The Same Boy You’ve Always Known
1202:45The Hardest Button to Buttonoui
1302:45The Hardest Button to Buttonoui
1402:52Little Ghostoui
1508:16Death Letteroui
1603:23I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself
1704:50Screwdriver / Passive Manipulationoui
1804:23Seven Nation Armyoui