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Tales From The Tavern

100:14Introduction of Steve
200:31My name is Steve Poltz
304:4810 Chances
400:32Intro to Trash
601:30Intro to Light in Your Eyes
704:47Light in Your Eyes
801:14Intro to Cold German
904:03Cold German
1004:32Intro to Brief History
1104:45Brief History of My Life
1203:23You Remind Me
1300:42Intro to All For the Best
1405:18All For the Best/Arguing With Myself on a Tape Recorder
1504:06Everything About Yououi
1602:31Chinese Checkers
1701:24Intro to Sewing Machine
1806:51Sewing Machine
1901:02Intro to 98 Pounder
2005:5298 Pounder
2104:08Intro to You Were Meant For Me
2210:04You Were Meant For Me