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The Collection

102:22Puppet On A String
202:44Everybody Loves a Lover
302:50I'll Stop at Nothing
402:45As Long as You're Happy Baby
503:09If Ever You Need Me
702:40Long Live Love
802:31Nothing Comes Easy
903:14I’d Be Far Better Off Without You
1003:50Lemon Tree
1101:52You Don't Love Me No More
1202:18Think Sometimes About Me
1302:43(There’s) Always Something There to Remind Me
1402:30No Moon
1503:00Message Understood
1602:38Had a Dream Last Night
1702:57Tell The Boys
1902:12Girl Don’t Come
2002:58Gotta See My Baby Everyday
2102:40How Can You Tell
2203:26Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself
2302:37I Don't Need Anything
2402:34You Won't Forget Me