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Final Fantasy XI: アルタナの神兵 Original Soundtrack

103:02March of the Allied Forces
203:30Flowers on the Battlefield
302:55Roar of the Battle Drums
402:53Autumn Footfalls
503:11Griffons Never Die
601:56Clash of Standards
704:00Echoes of a Zephyr
804:27Thunder of the March
904:07Encampment Dreams
1004:11The Cosmic Wheel
1202:24On this Blade
1301:45Young Griffons in Flight
1404:29Run Maggot, Run!
1501:33Cloister of Time and Souls
1601:35Royal Wanderlust
1702:58Under a Clouded Moon
1803:30Where Lords Rule Not
1903:24Kindred Cry
2003:14Snowdrift Waltz
2105:19Troubled Shadows
2203:18Wings of the Goddess
2302:19Iron Colossus
2501:16An Invisible Crown