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花木蘭 Mulan: An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack

100:00Honor to Us All 以妳為榮
200:00Reflection 真情的自我
300:00I'll Make a Man Out of You 男子漢
400:00A Girl Worth Fighting For 佳人歡迎我
500:00True to Your Heart (Single) 依隨你心
600:00Suite from Mulan 木蘭組曲
700:00Attack at the Wall (Score) 攻上城牆
800:00Mulan's Decision (Score) 木蘭的決定
900:00Blossoms (Score) 遲來的花開
1000:00The Huns Attack (Score) 匈奴進攻
1100:00The Burned-Out Village (Score) 村破垣殘
1200:00Reflection (Pop Version) 自己