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105:40Last Night a D.J. Saved My Life
205:54When Boys Talk
304:07Buffalo Bill
405:21The Night The Boy Learned How To Dance
505:26The Record Keeps Spinning
605:0910 Reasons Why I Can't Be Free
703:18Girls Got Soul
803:41If You Want It
905:00You Got To Rock It
1003:39I Got My Rights
1103:34Pajama Party Time
1202:56Love Is Like a Gun
1303:41Slow Down
1404:23Lipstick Politics
1503:01There It Is
1603:50The Rapper
1700:22Telephone Ringing
1800:10Screeching Tires
1900:17Flushing toilet
2001:59When Boys Talk (Scratch Version)
2100:58Buffalo Bill (Percussion)
2200:14Dog Barks & Screams With Echo
2301:26The Record Keeps Spinning (Bonus Beats)