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Black and White: The Definitive Collection

ewan maccoll - Black and White: The Definitive Collection
102:42Ballad of Accounting
202:13The Driver's Song
303:31My Old Man
402:53Dirty Old Townoui
501:52Black and White
601:59Brother Did You Weep
701:58The Press Gang
803:56The Shoals of Herring
904:44The Manchester Rambler
1006:22Sheath and Knife
1102:02Highland Muster Roll
1201:58Cam Ye O'Er Frae France
1302:09The Maid Gaed Tae the Mill
1403:23The Moving on Song
1503:54Nobody Knew She Was There
1605:20Looking for a Job
1703:38Kilroy Was Here
1802:27The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
1903:50The Foggy Dew
2004:40The Joy of Living