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The Best of BR5-49: It Ain't Bad for Work If Ya Gotta Have a Job

102:32Cherokee Boogieoui
203:22Little Ramona (Gone Hillbilly Nuts)
303:16Even If It's Wrong
403:02Lifetime to Proveoui
502:36Honky Tonk Song
604:15Hickory Wind
702:28Out of Habit
802:46You Are Never Nice to Me
903:14My Name Is Mudd
1003:04Georgia on a Fast Train
1103:02A House of Gold
1202:27You're a Hum-Dinger
1305:0218 Wheels and a Crowbar
1402:43Seven Nights to Rock
1504:03Bettie Plug-Bettie Bettie
1603:49Me'n'Opie (Down by the Duck Pond)
1704:21Uneasy Rider