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iTunes Originals: Bonnie Raitt

100:52iTunes Originals
203:50I Will Not Be Broken (iTunes Originals version)
307:30This Red Headed Girl From California (Interview)
404:08Women Be Wise (Production rehearsal take, September 2005)
500:54What's Old Is New Again (Interview)
603:32Everybody's Cryin' Mercy (iTunes Originals version)
700:42The Strongest Kiss Off (Interview)
804:55Your Good Thing (Is About to End)
904:10A Reflection of What I Was Going Through (Interview)
1003:52Nick of Timeoui
1100:42The Bedrock of What I Do (Interview)
1204:05Love Letter (iTunes Originals version)
1300:49The Most Important Gift I've Had (Interview)