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Soul Almighty - The Early Years

102:10Sun Is Shiningoui
202:51Trenchtown Rockoui
302:51Lively Up Yourselfoui
403:41Small Axe
502:37Soul Almighty
604:27Don't Rock My Boat
703:03Keep on Moving
802:26Fussin' & Fightin'
903:05Soul Shakedown Party
1003:43Soul Rebel
1103:27Duppy Conqueroroui
1202:22African Herbsmanoui
1303:27Mr. Brown
1405:45Rainbow Country
1502:14Soon Come
1602:11No Sympathy
1702:36Brain Washing
1802:07Stand Alone
1902:31400 Yearsoui
2002:18Stop the Train
2102:31Mellow Moods
2202:42Can't You See
2303:13Chances Areoui