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The Road of Tears

104:22The Road of Tears
204:27Ely Parker / Miss Martin's Wedding / The Primrose Lassies / Mr. Galloway Goes to Washington
304:33The Emigrant
403:15The Highlander's Farewell to Ireland / Farewell to Ireland / Put Me in the Big Chest (Cur Dhan Chiste Mhor Mi)
503:34The Slave's Lament
603:27The Moleskin Kilt / The Empty Glen
703:25Out in Australia at Last
804:07The Patagonia Islanders / The Low Country Dance / Don Juan McKenna's Jig
904:48Haro Strait
1004:16To a Mouse
1103:23Take Me to the Sea
1206:10Plane Wreck at Los Gatos
1303:47Sweet Molly / The Symmetry / The Boat Leaks
1403:19I Cried
1504:28Mary's Dream / The Mountain Dairy Maid / The Nameless Migrant
1605:03Five Bridges to Cross
1705:18The Green and the Blue