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Frank Zappa
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Format : Florentine pogen, Frank zappa
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Florentine pogen, Frank zappa

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## submitted by: Date: 7 Jun 1995 18:16:41 GMT In article <>, says... > > >OK. I haven't seen anyone else post any Zappa tunes, I have a bunch >figured out so I've decided since I have nothing better to do at 3:00 in >the morning I'll try my first PC tab. Bass guitar only, I'm not in the >mood to post the guitar part, I'm not that ambitious. > >For those of you not familiar with this tune, it is available on several >Zappa albums, it originally appeared on One Size Fits All. Featured >musicians were Frank of course, George Duke, Napoleon Murphy Brock, >Chester Thomas, Tom Fowler, and Ruth Underwood. IMHO the _best_ version >of this song is on the album "The Best Band You Never Heard In Your >Life". I highly suggest picking it up. > >My TAB explanation: > >x/y denotes a slide from fret x to fret y. >everything else is self explanitory. > > >Anyways, here it goes. > >G|--------------------------------------12-11-9-11-11-9-11-9-7-9-7------- --| >D|------------5-7-7/9-7-7---5-7/9-7-------------------------------------- --| >A|-7-7-7-7-7-9-----------7-9--------5-3---------------------------7-9---- --| >E|----------------------------------------------------------------------- --| > >G|----------------------------------------------------------------------- --| >D|-----------------5----5-------------------------------------5-7/9-7---- --| >A|-0-2-3-2-0-0--5-7--5-7--7-5-5/3-5-5-5-----------0-2-0-0--7-9--------5-3 --| >E|--------------------------------------0-0-0-2-3------------------------ --| > >G|-12-11-9-11-11-9-11-9-7-9-7--------------------4-2-0--2-0----0--------- --| >D|----------------------------------------------------2----2-0--2-0------ --| >A|---------------------------7/9-7--0-2-3-2-0-0--------------------0-3-0- --| >E|----------------------------------------------------------------------- --| > >G|-------------------------------------------------12-----------------14- --| >D|--------7-7-9-9-7-9-7-9-12-9-14-11-11-------12-14--14-12-------14-16--1 6-| >A|-7-7-7-7-------------------------------12-14------------14-14-16------- --| >E|----------------------------------------------------------------------- --| > >G|----------------------------------------12-12-10-10-8-8-4-4-6-6-------- --| >D|-14---------------------------5-2-7-4-4------------------------7-7-9-9- --| >A|---16--0-0-0-0-5-5-7-7-5-7-5-7----------------------------------------- --| >E|----------------------------------------------------------------------- --| > >G|--------------------------- >D|--------------------------- >A|--7---7---7---0------------ >E|--------------------------- > "she was the daughter.... > >OK, that's enough for now. I'll post the bridge and the outro stuff >later, I'l friggin' tired. The verses are basically improv in A major, >really simple stuff. These figures in the intro repeat at various times >during the song, you can figure out where. Like I said, I'll finish it >later and post it. > >So what do people think? Did I really fuck up or is this pretty cool?

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Hommage à Frank Zappa

Hommage à Frank Zappa
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tablature florentine pogen frank zappa

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