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Frank Zappa
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Format : Absolutely free, Frank zappa
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Absolutely free, Frank zappa

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: Date: Thu, 04 Jan 1996 15:02:17 -0600 (CST) Subject: Absolutely_Free.crd Absolutely Free--Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention from "We're Only in it for the Money" (1968) This song is in 3/4 Spoken: G The first word in the song is "discorporate" Eb It means 'to leave your body' Sung: VERSE 1: F Gm Discorporate and come with me F Cm Shifting, drifting, cloudless, starless Ab Db Eb Gm F F Eb Velvet valleys and a sapphire sea (wah wah) VERSE 2: F Gm Unbind your mind, there is no time F Cm To lick your stamps and paste them in Ab Db Eb Gm F F Eb Discorporate, and we will begin (wah wah--Flower Power Sucks) VERSE 3: F Gm F Gm Diamonds on velvets on goldens on vixen F Gm F Gm On comet and cupid on donner and blitzen F Gm F Gm On up and away and afar and a go-go F Gm F G (major) Escape from the weight of your corporate logo! CHORUS: C A D B E* Unbind your mind, there is no time---Boin-n-n-n-g E--G----D----E------E---G-----D----E To lick your stamps and paste them in E--D--C#-B----B---D-----A-B Discorporate, and we'll begin B--D--A--B--B--C#--D--A (piano solo thirds C#-E | B-D | C#-E | D-F# | C#-E | B-D | A-C#) G F G F Freedom! Freedom! Kindly Loving! G F Em7 Dm7 G F Em7 Dm7** Eb** You'll be absolutely free, only if you want to be VERSE 4: F Gm F Gm Dreaming on cushions of velvet and satin F Gm F Gm To music by magic by people that happen F Gm F Gm To enter the world of a strange purple jello F Gm F G (major) The dreams as they live them are all mellow yellow REPEAT CHORUS: NOTES: *From the word "Boin-n-n-g" until right before the piano solo, I believe these are all just single notes played on guitar/bass. It sounds as if it is playing an Em chord, but I am not exactly sure. If anyone knows different please let me know. **At the end of the chorus on the 2nd time, it does some weird stuff with the Dm7 and Eb chords, and then repeats the last line of the chorus one more time Jeff Henscheid

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absolutely free

Album : We're Only in It for the Money / Lumpy Gravy

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Hommage à Frank Zappa

Hommage à Frank Zappa
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tablature absolutely free frank zappa

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