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Mark Wills
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Format : I do cherish you2, Mark wills
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I do cherish you2, Mark wills

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # From: bigSexy Jacelyn <bigsexyj@hotmail.com> To: cowpie@olga.net <cowpie@olga.net> Date: Friday, May 29, 1998 2:42 AM Subject: I do(cherish you) song: I do,(Cherish You) by: Mark Wills capo on 3rd fret intro: D Bm G A, All I(D)am, All I'll(Em)be, Every-(D/F#)thing in this world, All that(A)I'll ever need, is in your(D)eyes shining at(Em)me, When you(D/F#)smile I can feel all my(A)passions unfolding, (G)Your head brushes(D)mine, and a(Em)thousand sensations, (A)seduce me cause I, CHORUS: I(D)do, cherish(Bm)you, for the(G)rest of my life you won't(A)have to think twice, I(D)will, love you(Bm)still, from the(G)depths of my soul, it's (F#m)beyond my control, I've waited(D/F#)so long, to say this too(E)you-ooo, If you're(G)asking do I love you this(A7)much(A) I(D)do. Bm G A In my(D)world, before(Em)you, I lived out-(D/F#)side my emotions, didn't know(A)where I was going, til that(D)day, I found(Em)you, how you(D/F#)opened my life, to a(A)new paradise, (G)In a world all that's(D)changed, Still with(Em)all my heart, (A)till my dying day, REPEAT CHORUS: end with; Yes, I(D)do-ooo, (E)ooo, If your(G)askin' do I love you this(A7)much, I(D)do, (Bm)Oh, I(G)do (A) (D) **this is how he played it on, The Crook&Chase Show**

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