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The Wildhearts
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Format : Weekend, The wildhearts
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Weekend, The wildhearts

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the# #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.# #-----------------------------------------------------------------------------# Date: Tue, 17 Mar 1998 16:57:46 +0000 From: Hayward <d.hayward@virgin.net> Subject: w/wildhearts/weekend.crd CRD 'Weekend' by The Wildhearts Lifted indiscriminantly from the EP 'Don't be happy, just worry' Tabbed by Luke Hayward (d.hayward@virgin.net) This is one of the best song the 'Hearts have ever written. It's so easy it didn't need working out, but just for the record it goes like this... Oh yeah, and I'm doing this from memory which is what everyone says. But I am, so the lyrics might be a bit off in places. But there you go. G C Monday comes crashing in and all the world looks grey again D Em A C Faces on the train seem grim, when yesterday the same were smiling G C Another week to kill, another week were time stands still D Em A C And shuffling masses feel the chill that comes with their routine D A The working scene (ok, then there's a huge slide and the overdrive kicks in, it's all power chords from here on in - same pattern though) G7 C7 Get out of bed and then I turn on MTV again D7 Em7 To watch the same songs I can't stand A7 C7 They sing of love and being happy //same chord sequence here I'm afraid Look there's another one that sounds just like the other one A video without the fun Is being played again D7 A7 Which pains me more D7 G7 But at the weekend, everything'll be okay (when the weekend comes) A7 And at the weekend I'll tell the world C7 (slide up to) D7 That for five long days I been wantin' to say (wantin' to say) G7 C7 G7 C7 G7 C7 I wanna, I wanna, I wanna ride upon a five mile tide G7 C7 And a *something* of oblivion A7 D7 A7 D7 D7 (strike on words) Rain or shine I'm waiting at the front line G7 C7 G7 C7 A7 I need it, I need it, like you would not believe it A7 D7 (slide up to) E7 And I've been dying to change my ways G7 A7 C7 D7 C7 D7 G7 But I've been drunk for five long days // christ, this next bit goes all wibbly wobbly, but I reckon it goes // something like this... G7 F#7 F7 (repeated over and over) // and then there's a riff based in G, but I can't remember it // but it might just be... e||------------------------------------|| b||------------------------------------|| g||*----------------------------------*|| d||*----------------------------------*|| a||-------------------------2----------|| e||--3-2-0-2-3-2-0-2--3-3-3---3-2------|| // ...and unfortunately, I lost my Don't be Happy... tape, so I can't // even see if this is right - so don't flame me if it isn't. I think // all 'Hearts tunes are tuned a half step down so try that. Remember, // power chords will get you far in life, almost to the top, but there // are some things that they wont get you. // // Isn't great that we've all come out of this better people? //

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tablature weekend the wildhearts

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