Tablature my baby is a headfuck

The Wildhearts
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Format : My baby is a headfuck, The wildhearts
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My baby is a headfuck, The wildhearts

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # From ley@dcs.ed.ac.uk Fri May 16 08:17:15 1997 Date: Mon, 5 May 1997 15:58:14 +0100 From: Lawrence Young <ley@dcs.ed.ac.uk> To: guitar@olga.net Subject: CRD: "My Baby Is A Headfuck" by The Wildhearts THE WiLDHEARTS MY BABY IS A HEADFUCK Written by Ginger >From the East/West album "Earth vs the Wildhearts" transcribed by Lawrence Young <ley@dcs.ed.ac.uk> Tune down 1/2 step and use POWER CHORDS!!! All E chords are 7th/2nd fret unless otherwise indicated (I think). a Drags me round all day just like a ball d On a chain or tooth pain e (open) d (slide) And I confess I'm just a mess A Do I have to take this shit from you every time D I look your way or say hey! E It's about time D A You show me yours and I'll show you mine (A) And I hope you can keep that turd-eating grin of yours D Upon your face E When you find that you're thrown to one side D A 'Cause no-one likes a long roller-coaster ride E 'Cause she's the kind of girl (E) Who'll take your heart A D And leave you feeling worse than you did at the start F#(2nd) B 'Cause she's a headfuck D A My baby is a headfuck A In a bygone age engaged in a passion trip D A final score was required E Just to make it worthwhile D A All the patience and a waste of time (A) For it seems today the play did mutate D Into a movie scene E Where the aim was to get the best line D A Crashing heads for the second time E 'Cause she's the kind of girl (E) Who'll break your mind A D And make an easy meal of the sensitive kind F#(2nd) B 'Cause she's a headfuck D A My baby is a headfuck Wah!! (SOLO) A D E D A (x2) (A) Oh no... (A) Day tripper, prick teaser yeah B So a parting word to those young unfortunates E Who can't get to sleep F#(4th) Till one little snake uncurls E B Raise a glass to the underworld (B) You can try all week and still keep on waiting E It's a messed up, dressed up, loss situation F#(4th) Where pearls E B End up changing into headfuck girls F#(4th) 'Cause she's the kind of girl (F#) Who'll steal your smile B E And chuck it over there on the rest of the pile G# C# 'Cause she's a headfuck E B My baby is a headfuck G# C# 'Cause she's a headfuck E B My baby is a headfuck G# C# 'Cause she's a headfuck E B My baby is a headfuck A B C Headfuck me! (SOLO) C# F# G# F# C# (x2) <-- F# at 2nd fret here B C# D D# G# A# G# D# (x2) <-- same pattern, up 2 frets C# D# E F A# C A# F (x2) <-- and again, F at 8th fret D F F# Headfuck (x10) G C D C G (x2) <-- guess what ;-) (END) something like A B C D E F G (x2) <-- maybe just run up the A atring, listen to the song C

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my baby is a headfuck

Album : Earth vs. the Wildhearts

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tablature my baby is a headfuck the wildhearts

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