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Format : The idol, W a s p
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The idol, W a s p

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## THE IDOL - by W.A.S.P -------- from the album - 'The Crimson Idol' transcribed by ericb@ecr.mu.oz.au [ENRICO BETTIO] to play along with the album, put a capo on the first fret intro: Dm Bb C E-||-----1---0-1---3----1---5--3---|-1----0---------3----1----0---|| B-||----3-----------3----3---3--3--|-----------3------1----1------|| G-||o------------------------------|---3----3----------0----0----o|| D-||o-0----0-----0----0----0-------|----3----3-------------------o|| A-||-------------------------------|-1----1----1----3----3----3---|| E-||-------------------------------|------------------------------|| then: Dm Dm7sus2 E-||--1----------------------|-0----------------------| B-||--3----------------------|-1----------------------| G-||o-2----------------------|-2----------------------| D-||o-0----------------------|-0----------------------| A-||-------------------------|------------------------| E-||-------------------------|------------------------| Bb/D C/D E-|-1----------------------|-3------------3---1---0--|| B-|-3----------------------|-1-------------1---1-----|| G-|-3----------------------|-0--------------0---0---o|| D-|-0----------------------|-0----------------------o|| A-|------------------------|-------------------------|| E-|------------------------|-------------------------|| the next few lines are played over the above chords: Will I be alone this morning? Will I need my (friends?)? Something just to ease away my pain. No-one ever sees the loneliness Behind my face I am just a prisoner to my fame then pick through the following chords a few times: ||: Dm | C | Gm | Dm :|| Dm If I could only stand, C and stare in the mirror would I see Gm C Dm One fallen hero with a face like me Dm C And if I scream, could anybody hear me Gm C Dm If I smash the silence you'll see what fame has done to me Bb C Dm Kiss away the pain and leave me lonely Bb C Dm I'll never know if loves a lie.. being.. Bb C Dm crazy in paradise is easy Bb C Bb Gm do you see the prisoners in my eye Dm C where's the love.. to shelter me | X 2 Bb C | give me love... come set me free / then the solo.. over the chords: ||: Dm | C | | Gm | F F/E Dm :|| -------/ not too sure about this part the rest just repeats parts from above I hope there arent too many mistakes bye now eric

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tablature the idol w a s p

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