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Violent Femmes
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Format : I danced, Violent femmes
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I danced, Violent femmes

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: Fri, 5 Jan 1996 22:22:46 -0500 From: Bryson Meunier <> Subject: TAB:"I Danced" by "Violent Femmes" I have understood the chord progression of this song for quite some time but I didn't feel that I had enough material to post. Then over the winter break I figured out something that sounds like Brian Ritchie's wonderfully elastic guitar solo. In other words, I'm posting most of the guitar parts of this song. If you have a part that I've neglected to post, or if you have comments, questions or corrections, e-mail me at "I Danced"(Gordon Gano/Max Dunn) Performed by the violent femmes on "Rock!!!"(1994) Music by Gordon Gano Lyrics from the poem "I DANCED BEFORE I HAD TWO FEET" by Max Dunn Guitar solo by Brian Ritchie Transcribed by Bryson Meunier intro- B5 D5 A E------------------------------------------------------| B-------------------------2---xxxx--xxxx--xx-----------| G--4--4--x--x--x---7--7---2---xxxx--xxxx--xx4--4--4--4-| D--4--4--x--x--x---7--7---2---xxxx--xxxx--xx4--4--4--4-| A--2--2--x--x--x---5--5-------xxxx--xxxx--xx2--2--2--2-| E------------------------------------------------------| Repeat that riff once more before the lyrics come in. Then, for the verse, repeat the riff without making the percussive sounds. At least I think that's the only distinction between the introduction and the verse but the bass is so prominent that it's hard to tell. If you know of another distinction, e-mail me at the aforementioned address and let me in on it. Here's my best attempt at the guitar solo: E--------------------------------|---7-----------------| B------------3--2---2brbrbrbr--0-|---7---4---------67-| G---4--4--4----------------------|---7---4------7------| D--------------------------------|-----------7---------| A--------------------------------|---------------------| E--------------------------------|---------------------| E---------------|--------------------------------------| B---7--7--8--7--|---15brp14--14h15brp14--14h15brp14----| G---------------|--------------------------------------| D---------------|--------------------------------------| A---------------|--------------------------------------| E---------------|--------------------------------------| E------------------------------------------------------| B---14h15brp14--14h15brp14-------7---------------------| G-----------------------------9--7---2-----------------| D-----------------------------9--7---2-----------------| A-----------------------------7------0-----------------| E------------------------------------------------------| E------------------------------------------------------| B--7h8--75--7p5---------------------------------------| G-----------------7p5----5h7---53---5p3---------------| D------------------------------------------5-----------| A------------------------------------------------------| E------------------------------------------------------| E------------------------------------------------------| B------------------------------------------------------| G----35---57---79---912----14----------------------| D------------------------------------------------------| A------------------------------------------------------| E------------------------------------------------------| Repeat the main riff until the end of the song. Lyrics: I Danced before I had two feet I Sang before I had a tongue I laughed before I had two eyes and loved before my heart was young I swam before I had two hands and held the distance in my toes before I heard the stars or knew the wild compulsion of the rose I bore the fruits of many lives before I came into this day I knew before my grave was made the worms eat only death away (2x) I danced before I had two feet (4x) symbols used in transcription- x = make percussive sound with fretting hand b = bend r = release = slide h = hammer-on p = pull-off

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tablature I danced violent femmes

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