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Walkaway Joe, Trisha Yearwood, #2791128

Trisha Yearwood
Walkaway Joe

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # From: Alice Franceschini Date: August 25, 1997 Subject: Walkaway Joe by Trisha Yearwood Written by: Vince McLamed/Greg Barnhill Walkaway Joe Trisha Yearwood C Momma told her baby, girl take it real slow Girl told her momma hey I really gotta go Dm F He's waitin' in the car Dm F G Momma said girl you won't get far C Thus are the dreams of an average Jane Ninety miles an hour down a lovers lane Dm F Dm F On a tank of dreams Oh if she could've only seen G F G But fate's got cards that it don't want to show And that boy's just CHORUS: F C A walkaway Joe Born to be a leaver Tell you from the word go, destined to deceive her F Bb He's a wrong kinda parad-ise C G 1.& 2.)She's gonna know it in a matter of time 3.) But it was just another lesson in life F G C That boy's just a walkway Joe C Now just a little while into Abilene C Pulls into a station and he robs it clean Dm F Dm F G She's waitin' in the car Underneath the Texaco star C She only wanted love didn't bargain for this C She can't help but love him for the way he is. Dm F Dm F She's only seventeen And there ain't no reasoning G F G So she'll ride this ride as far as it can go Cause that boy's just go to chorus, to lead, to third verse C Somewhere in a roadside motel room C Alone in the silence she wakes up too soon Dm F Dm F And reaches for his arm But she'll just keep reachin' on G F G For the cold hard truth revealed what it had known That boy's just go to chorus. Ending: Mmmm yeah Alkl he was a walkaway Joe ooooh walkaway Joe Walkaway Joe Mmmmmm ======================================================== Walkaway joe, de Trisha yearwood ========================================================

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walkaway joe trisha yearwood tab

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