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Tom Waits
Blue Valentines

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From Thu Mar 9 12:32:49 PST 1995 Article: 35340 of Path:!!!agate!!gatech!swrinde!!!!!!!taillet From: () Newsgroups:, Subject: TAB:Blue Valentines (Tom Waits) Date: 9 Mar 1995 12:21:05 GMT Organization: Centre de Calcul In2p3 Lines: 99 Distribution: world Message-ID: <3jmrrh$> NNTP-Posting-Host: Xref: This is my transcription of 'Blue Valentines' by Tom Waits, on the album 'Blue Valentine' ( actually one of the songs that hooked me to Tom Waits !). It is note-for-note for the intro and the first verse ( first 80 seconds of the song on the album). Then there are some slight variations I didn't want to tab. As the rhythm of this song is not very regular, I didn't try to match the words on the notes(I think it wouldn't make sense with such a song). Though, the first note of each 'measure' should be played together with the word that is just below it. The complete lyrics are included in the album so I didn't write them all. Title : Blue Valentines Author : Tom Waits Album : Blue Valentine (1978) Intro ----- /------------ twice ---------------- | | ||--12----|-------------|---------------12--|-----------------| ||--10----|--------7----|---------------10--|--------7-----7--| ||--10----|--------7----|---------------10--|--------7-----7--| ||--0-----|-----6-------|-------------------|-----6-----6-----| ||--------|--0----------|-------------------|--0--------------| ||--------|-------------|--~~~~10---10------|-----------------| (long slide) 1st Verse --------- She sends me... /----------- three times ------------- | | |-------5---6--|-----------------------| |-------6---6--|---------------7---7---| |-----5---5----|---------------7---7---| |--------------|------------6----6-----| |--5-----------|-----------------------| |--------------|---------0-------------| blue valen-tines a-way from phila-delphia to mark the anni-versary /--------------------------- three times --------------------------- | | |--------------|------------------|--------5-----5--|------------------| |-------5---5--|---------5----5---|--------6-----6--|-----------7---7--| |-------5---5--|---------6----6---|--------5--5-----|-----------7---7--| |-----5---5----|------5----5------|-----------------|--------6----6----| |--0-----------|---0--------------|-~~5--5----------|------------------| |--------------|------------------|-----------------|------0-----------| of someone that I used to be and it feels like there's a warrant out of my arrest, got me checkin' in my rear view- mirror and i'm always on the run |--------------|---------------------| |-------5---5--|------------5----5---| |-------5---5--|------------6----6---| |-----5---5----|---------5----5------| |--0-----------|------0--------------| |--------------|---------------------| that's why I changed my name and I |----------------|-------|-----------------------|-------| |-------7-----7--|-------|--------------7-----7--|-------| |-------8-----8--|--bis--|--------------7-----7--|--bis--| |----7-----7-----|-------|-----------6-----6-----|-------| |----------------|-------|-----------------------|-------| |--7-------------|-------|---------0-------------|-------| didn't think you'd ever find me here -> goto beginning Tabbed by : Richard Taillet LAPP(Laboratoire d'Annecy-le-Vieux de Physique des Particules) Chemin de Bellevue, BP 110 74941 Annecy-le-Vieux FRANCE ======================================================== Blue valentines, de Tom waits ========================================================

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