Tablature upstairs downtown

Toby Keith
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Format : Upstairs downtown, Toby keith
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Upstairs downtown, Toby keith

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # From: Jason Wendtland <> Date: Tuesday, June 02, 1998 1:17 PM Subject: Upstairs, Downtown-Toby Keith Upstairs, downtown By: Toby Keith Key of D Intro: (slowly) D, A, G, A, D (2 times) D A D A G A Route 14, Box 308, she said goodbye at the cattle-guard gate, G A D A Hopin' she would find her a place in the world D A D A G With her mind made up and tears in her eyes, she almost made her daddy A G A D cry, he said, "Don't forget to call when you get there girl." Bm G D A Driving' on that 2-lane road hopin' she might find Bm G D A A whole lot more waiting up ahead than what she left behind Chorus: D A G A D A G A Moving' upstairs, downtown, life's too short to be hanging a-round D A G A Bm A G She's 18 and it's time she got out of (back to) the woods A D A G A She's gettin' out while the gettin's good D A D A G A All bills paid and a room with a view, she's unpacked a dish or two G A D A She just got her phone turned on today D A D A There's a big ol' world waitin' just outside as she's thumbin through G A G A D the classifides, lookin' for work at any old job's okay Bm G D A Drivin' on that cross-town freeway, hopin' she might find Bm G D A A whole lot more waitin' up ahead than what she left behind Chorus D A D A Man she lost her job at the grocery store and the wolf came knocking G A G A D A at the door, red notice said they turned off her telephone D A D A G A There's nothing left for her to do so she's packed up a thing or two, G A D A Loaded her car down now she's headed home Bm G D A Drivin' on that 2-lane road, hopin' she might find Bm G D A A whole lot more waiting up ahead than what she left behind. Chorus Outro: D, A, G, A, D

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Toby Keith Guitar Collection
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tablature upstairs downtown toby keith

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