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coming up close, Til Tuesday, #2788669

Til Tuesday
Coming Up Close

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## # Date: Tue, 13 Feb 96 12:43:54 1000 From: glenn <> COMING UP CLOSE - Til Tuesday Aimee Mann I found the old 45 a while ago and I was hoping someone would have a more accurate version so correct this Capo first fret |-3-------------------------------|-------| |-0-------------------------------|-------| |-0-------------------------------|-------| |-0------------5-----5h75---------|-------| |-2----0-2-3-3---5-3------5-3-2-0-|-------| |-3--3----------------------------|-3-----| v~~ [G] One night (wouldn't have a clue) He and I in a borrowed car [Em] Went driving in the summer Promises at every stop [C] Out in the distant I could Hear some people laughing [Am] I felt my heartbeat fast A weekends' worth of sadness [G] |---------------------------------|-------| |---------------------------------|-------| |---------------------------------|-------| |-------------5h75----------------|-------| |-----0-2-3-3------5--------------|-------| |-3-3----------------5h75-3-------|-3-----| [G] There was a farm house That had long since been deserted [Em] We stopped and carved our thoughts Into the wooden surface [C] I thought just for an instant We could see the future [Am] We thought for once we knew What really was important [G] CHORUS [G] Coming up [C]close Everything sounds like 'Welcome [G]Home' Come [C]home And 'Oh by the [G]way' [G] Don't you know that I could make a dream That's barely half the way? Come[C] true I wanted to[G] say That anything I could have said a[Am?]bout some moment you already [C]Knew |--------------------------------|------------------| |--------------------------------|------------------| |--------------------------------|------------------| |------------------5-------------|---------5--------| |-----5------0-2-3---5-3-2-------|---0-2-3---5-3----| |-3------3--3--------------------|-3----------------| |--------------------------------|------------------| |--------------------------------|------------------| |---------4----------------------|------------------| |-----------5-----5---5h75-------|-5h75-------------| |---0-2-3-----5-3---5------5-----|------5-3-2-0-----| |-3------------------------------|---------------3--| [G] We got back in the car And listened to a Dylan tape [Em] We drove around the fields Until it started getting late [C] I went back to my hotel room On the highway [Am] And he just got back in his car And drove away[G] Chorus x2 [G] [C] alt. etc B.Jansen ======================================================== Coming up close, de Til tuesday ========================================================

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coming up close til tuesday tab

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