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Things Of Stone And Wood
In Our Home

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: (Mark Osborne) In Our Home THINGS OF STONE AND WOOD The intro isn't definitive, it's just a guide - I usually play it different every time. The chords during the verses etc. are played in the same general fashion. INTRO: ~~~~~ e-------3-3---2------2---0--0---0---3---3----3--- B-----3-3-----3--3-3-3---1--1---1---3------3----- G-----0-------2--2-------0----0-----0----0-0----- D------------------------2----------0----0------- A---2--------------------3----------2------------ E---3-------3-------------------------3---------- e---3-3----2---2----0---0---0----3-3---0---3----- B---3-3----3-3------1---1---1----3-3---3---3----- G---0------2-2------0---0---0----0---0-0---0----- [REPEAT THROUGH] D---0----------------------------0---0-----0----- A---2-------------3---2---0------2---------2----- E---3----3-----------------------3---------3----- G5 D Your sisters golden hair now falls C G5 across the bed we called our own G5 D She holds her fella tight they mock C G5 (*Fill#1) the isolation of the night Am C Every loving laugh I've known is now a G5 D (*Fill#2) match between my lids Am C Am D The night is long since you have gone From our home [INTRO] G5 D C G5 Can you feel me can you feel me G5 D C G5 As I reach to touch you in the night Am C I'd run to you now if I could, G5 D (*Fill#2) But it's a dream my limbs are still Am C Am D The night plays tricks on me since you have gone From our home [INTRO] G5 D So I will hide beneath the whispering trees C G5 I'll kiss you in my memory G5 D We walk atop these hills of sand C G5 See how you soothe this shaking drunken hand. Am C Beneath the burning sun G5 D (*Fill#2) I felt us melting into one Am C Am D A year ago when you were here In our home [INTRO] G5 D So I will raise my voice to the north-bound wind C G5 In the morning you will hear me sing G5 D A breeze to soothe your fitful rest C G5 You'll hold this ghost song to your chest Am C You'll cross the desert, cross the seas G5 D For a second you will lie with me Am C Am D You'll lie with me You'll lie with me In our home. [INTRO - no repeat] ************************************************************************* FILLS ~~~~~ *Fill#1 *Fill#2 e---------------- e----3--2--- B-----1----1----- B----3------ G-----0----0----- G----2------ D-----2----0----- D----------- A---3----2----0-- A----------- E---------------- E----------- Hopefully this should be good enough; some of it may be wrong - I'm playing at a gig next week and I'll post if anyone listening whinges about the sound. ALSO: There is a problem with my last post regarding T.O.S.A.W - 'Share this wine'. The end repeated part of the intro should read: e--12-12--10-10--7-7--10--- B--12-12--10-10--8-8------- G----------------9-9------- D-------------------------- A-------------------------- E-------------------------- P.S. 'Happy Birthday Helen' and 'The Yearning' are on the way. Hoo Roo!! ======================================================== In our home, de Things of stone and wood ========================================================

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