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Thin Lizzy
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Format : Cowboy song, Thin lizzy
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Cowboy song, Thin lizzy

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: (Mr Stephen Peacock - PG) Subject: CRD: Thin Lizzy, "Cowboy Song" This is the chord pattern and riff as I vaguely remember it from the album " Live and Dangerous" .... The chord pattern is as follows : G# Cm Fm F D# These are all barre chords (as I play it), on the following frets respectively ... 4, 3, 1, 8, 6 (Now, since this comes from memory, the last two chords [F & D#] may actually by D# and C#, but I doubt it - try it with the song and see how it turns out) The riff is played simultaneously by two guitars (an octave apart) to give that distinctive Thin Lizzy sound that has been copied by so many bands ( such as Iron Maidon) [don't flame me, I don't really know who first came up with this sound] I have only tabbed the higher riff - work out the lower one yourself - if I remember rightly, it can be played around a C# power chord : C# power chord = e X B X G X D 6 A 4 E X This TAB transcription was created using TAB MASTER version 1.0 (4) (3) (1) (8)(6) G# Cm Fm F D# e:---------------------|---------------------|--------------------------|-| B:--9--9-----9---------|--9--9-----9---------|--9--9-----9-----9--------|-| G:---------------------|---------------------|--------------------------|-| D:--------11----11-11--|--------10----10-10--|--------8-----10----8-----|-| A:---------------------|---------------------|-----------------------10-|-| E:---------------------|---------------------|--------------------------|-| The chord pattern is shown following the riff, with the frets to barre shown above the chord, in brackets. The last 10 on the A string at the end of the tab may actually be an 11 if my memory is foggy - try it out and correct as necessary. I'll post an updated and corrected version of this song when I've checked my records at home. I will also post some other Thin Lizzy stuff shortly. The Lemming From Tue Jun 14 16:39:19 1994 Newsgroups: Path:!ieunet!!!agate!ames!news.Hawaii.Edu!!MJP From: (Magnus Paterson) Subject: Re: CRD: Thin Lizzy, "Cowboy Song" Message-ID: <CrE2G3.L1G@news.Hawaii.Edu> Sender: news@news.Hawaii.Edu Reply-To: Organization: UK/Canada/Netherlands Joint Astronomy Centre, Hilo, HI References: <> Date: Tue, 14 Jun 1994 13:21:38 GMT Lines: 24 In article <>, (Mr Stephen Peacock - PG) writes: >This is the chord pattern and riff as I vaguely remember it from the album " >Live and Dangerous" .... > >The chord pattern is as follows : > > G# Cm Fm F D# > I always played this with the guitar down a semitone, and using the sequence A E F#m E D. Nice to see a Thin Lizzy TAB here, though. Brian Downey, last I heard, was still gigging in Slattery's Bar in Capel Street, Dublin, with a band called Spirit Nation, and still doing Lizzy stuff. Any updates???

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The Best Of Thin Lizzy (partition)

The Best Of Thin Lizzy (Partition)
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tablature cowboy song thin lizzy

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