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The Verve
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Format : History, The verve
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History, The verve

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 23:42:59 +1200 From: Ross <> Subject: CHORD: History By The Verve Group: The Verve Album: A Northen Soul Song: History Music: The Verve Lyrics: Richard Ashcroft Hut Recordings, (72438404372) Chorded by: Ross Howard ( >From work by: Michael A. Atienza, Kevin Dutcher I have had trouble finding a chording of History to my satisfaction. All of the versions that I have come across have been flawed in many ways. But I found a reasonable one on a Verve site and have used this as my base for this one. I must then thank Atienza and Dutcher for theirs was the base for this work here. Bear in mind that I have only been able to complete this after discovering a chord (Asus4) used in The Verve's new album Urban Hymns. I hope this feels better than other chords around. It certainly does for me. Also their version has a different intro - one that sounds completely wrong and their Cmaj7 is incorrect - I prefer a a Cmaj with a G on high E string.)However, the lyrics on the copy were superb and I have used them and the structure provided. Chords A - X02220 Asus4 - X02200 Am - X02210 Am7 - X02010 C1 - X32013 D - X00232 D6 - X00202 E - 022100 E7 - 022130 Em - 022033 G - 320033 Intro: G-D6-Asus4-E - x2 Verse 1 ------- G D I wander the lonely streets... Asus4 E E7 Behind where the old Thames does flow. G D And in every face I meet... A E E7 Reminds me of what I have run for. Bridge ------ Am7 In every man, in every hand, Em In every kiss you understand, C1 That living is for other men, D I hope you too understand... Verse 2 ------- G D I've got to tell you my tale... Asus4 E E7 Of how I loved and how I failed... G D I hope you understand? A E E7 These feelings should not be in the man. Bridge ------ Am7 In every child, in every eye, Em In every sky above my head... C1 I hope that I know, D So come with me in bed. Chorus ------ Am Because its you and me we're history Em There ain't nothing left to say C1 D When I...will get you alone... Verse 3 ------- G D Maybe we could find a room? Asus4 E Where we could see what we should do... G D Maybe you know its true? A E E7 Well, living with me is like keeping a fool. Bridge ------ Am7 In every man, in every hand, Em In every kiss you understand, C1 That living is for other men, D I hope you know that I am me... Chorus (Reprise) ---------------- Am7 Em So come on, I'm thinking about history, C1 And I'm living for history, D And I think you know I'm bound for you, Cause I am... Bridge (Reprise) ---------------- Am7 Em And one and one is two, but three is company C1 When you're thinking about the things you do, D And you're thinking about the things you do... Verse 4 ------- G D I wanna tell you my tale... Asus4 E How I fell in love and jumped out on my bail... G D Do you understand? A E There's more in a smile that in a hand. Bridge ------ Am7 In every sky, in every kiss Em There's one thing that you've might have missed C1 D Oh, why am I going to a place that now belongs to you? Chorus ------ Am7 But you and me, and so am I Em Lets make it up C1 Lets even try to live today, so why not smile? D Don't dream away your life... Middle 8 -------- Am7 Cause it is mine... Em It is mine... C1 Is that a crime? D Is that a crime? Am7 Em This life is mine, but the bed ain't made, C1 D Its filled full of hope, I've got a skinfull of dope... Am7 Em Oh, the bed ain't made, C1 D But its filled full of hope, I've got a skinfull of dope... Fade out -------- Am7-Em-C1-D-A

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Album : A Northern Soul

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