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The Tragically Hip
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Format : Highway girl, The tragically hip
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Highway girl, The tragically hip

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: Date: Tue, 1 Aug 95 23:29:00 UTC Subject: TAB: Highway Girl - The T. Hip "Highway Girl" - The Tragically Hip >From the EP THE TRAGICALLY HIP, 1987, MCA Records. Wow, I didn't plan on doing this much tab but once I got started I couldn't stop - even a solo for ya! I've never tabbed a solo before and I'm playing on an acoustic so I'm not sure if it's totally accurate. Corrections/comments are welcome. ============== INTRO/VERSE: ============== e-------------------------------------------------------------- B-------------------------------------------------------------- G---7--9---9--9--9---x-9--9--x-9---7--9---9-9-9---------------- D---7--9---9--9--9---x-9--9--x-9---7--9---9-9-9---------------- A---5--7---7--7--7---x-7--7--x-7---5--7---7-7-7------------7--- E------------------------------------------------7--10--7------ "Well I'm going to see my...." e------------------------------------------------------------------ B------------------------------------------------------------------ G-----------------------------------------------------9--8--7--6--- D---7--x-----7------7--x-----7------7--x-----7------x-------------- A---7--x---7---7----7--x---7---7----7--x---7---7----x-------------- E---5--x-5-------5--5--x-5-------5--5--x-5-------5--x-------------- "..gonna get me a gun..." ========= CHORUS: ========= e------------------------------------------------------------------------- B------------------------------------------------------------------------- G-----------------------------------------9---9--9--9--9---9--9---7---9--- D---9--9---9--9---9---7--7---7--7---7-----9---9--9--9--9---9--9---7---9--- A---9--9---9--9---9---7--7---7--7---7-----7---7--7--7--7---7--7---5---7--- E---7--7---7--7---7---5--5---5--5---5------------------------------------- "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my little Highway Girl......" ======= Solo: ======= e------------------------------------------------------------------- B-----------------------------------9--12p9-----9-12p9-------------- G------------------------9---7-9------------9----------9------------ D----------7h9p7-----7-9-------------------------------------------- A---5--7h9--------9------------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------------------- e------------------------------------------------------------------- B-----------------------------8------------------------------------- G---9-----9-----9-----9----9-----9h10p9----------------------------- D-----9-----9-----9-----9--------------------------------7-----7---- A-------7-----7-----7-----7-----------------------7---9-----9-----9- E-----------------------------------------7-10-7-------------------- e------------------------------------------------------------------- B------------------------------------------------------------------- G------------------------------------------------------------------- D------------------------------------------------------------------- A---7--9--7--7p6-------------------7-------------------7-----7------ E----------------9---7-------7--9-----9--7-------7--9-----9--------- ========= LYRICS: ========= Well I'm going down to see my Highway Girl Yeah, she just got back from around the world I'm gonna get me a gun I'm gonna stand on guard In a little white booth in her front yard Throwing rocks at her window what could she do If you throw enough rocks one might break through Well she looked out her window when the police came Yeah, to see a big tin man dancing in the rain CHORUS: Ohhhhhhhhh, my little Highway Girl Ohhhhhhhhh, my little Highway Girl Yeah... SOLO Don't you think babe you push a bit too fast I said slowing down don't make it last Yeah, she said a memory's never gonna set you free Ohhhhh, go out and see that world and bring it home to me CHORUS Duncan Koerber send me comments, I want to know if anyone finds this useful.

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tablature highway girl the tragically hip

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