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Fire In The Hole, The Tragically Hip, #2789148

The Tragically Hip
Fire In The Hole

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: Date: Sun, 27 Aug 95 03:14:00 UTC Subject: TAB: Fire in the Hole - T.Hip Fire in the Hole - The Tragically Hip >From DAY FOR NIGHT, 1994 Tabbed by Jon Drover <> main riff (guitar one)BB (guitar two)PL h-harmonics e-------------- e--------------------- B-------------- B--------------------- G----------0~~- G--------------h12---- D--2--2-2--0~~- D--------------h12---- A--2--2-2------ A------------------h7- E--0--0-0------ E--h7-h7-h7-h7-------- verse 1 with main riff You triumphed over will you had immunity to kill you had your dreams fulfilled and I love you still chorus but there's a power beyond control e------------------------------- B---3/s5s3s0------------------ G--------------------------0~~-- D-2--------------2-2-2-2---0~~-- A-2--------------2-2-2-2-------- E-0--------------0-0-0-0-------- there's a fire in the hole e----------------0~-- B---3/s5s3/s5---3~-- G----------------0--- D-2--------------0--- A-2------------------ E-0------------------ ah the nights are getting cold, all your secrets will be told, turn your lanterns e-0------------------------------------------- B-5------------------------------------------- G--------------------------------------------- D--------------------------------------------- A------------5--5--7--7--7--7--3--3--3--5--5-- E----3--3--3---------------------------------- low e--------------|----------|-----------|-------| B--------------|----------|-----------|-3---3--| G----------0~~-|-2b-2-0---|--------0~-|---0---.| D--2--2-2--0~~-|--------2-|-2--2-2-0~-|--------| A--2--2-2------|----------|-2--2-2----|-------.| E--0--0-0------|----------|-0--0-0----|--------| Verse 2 (use the riffs for the chorus with minor adjustments) As long as you can dig up proof As cold as water through the roof Brutal as depicted truth that kid's a fuckin' goof turn your lanterns low Chorus same as above. Break guitar 1 BB e------------------------------------------------------------ B---------------------------------------0-0-0---0---0-------- G--5--5--5~~-5--4--4--4~~--5--5--5~~-5--4-4-4h5-4h5-4h5--5-5- D--5--5--5~~-5--4--4--4~~--5--5--5~~-5----------------------- A--3--3--3~~-3--2--2--2~~--3--3--3~~-3----------------------- E------------------------------------------------------------ | |guitar 2 PL e----------------------|------------------- B----------------------|------------------- G--0----0-----0----0---|-----0-------0----- D--4h5--4h5-5-4h5--4h5-|-2-4-4-2-0-2-4----- A----------------------|------------------- E----------------------|------------------- it continues like this for another couple of bars with a little interlude type thing verse 3 (same riff, different timing) I'd like to stand up soon and show I'd like to let some people know I'd turn my bucket over I'd turn my lanturn low chorus (basically same as the first) Use main riff for outro and the solo is based in E and around the riff Jon_ ======================================================== Fire in the hole, de The tragically hip ========================================================

E chord

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