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Blow At High Dough, The Tragically Hip, #2789138

The Tragically Hip
Blow At High Dough

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## Date: Sat, 30 Sep 1995 15:29:44 -0230 (NDT) From: Rod Nolan <> Blow at High Dough The Tragically Hip Transcribed by: Dale Clinton <> Rod Nolan <> This part is actually the bass before the rhythm guitar comes in. V1 They shot a movie V2 Out at the speedway E|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| B|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| G|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| D|--2-4-4-4-|--2-4-4-4-|--2-4-4-4-|--2-4-4-4-|--2-4-4-4-|--2-4-4-4-| A|-2-2-2-2--|-2-2-2-2--|-2-2-2-2--|-2-2-2-2--|-2-2-2-2--|-2-2-2-2--| E|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| once in my hometown everybody was in it for miles some kinda Elvis thing well I ain't no movie star but I can E|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| B|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| G|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| D|--2-4-4-4-|--2-4-4-4-|--0-2-2-2-|--0-2-2-2-|--2-4-4-4-|--2-4-4-4-| A|-2-2-2-2--|-2-2-2-2--|-2-0-0-0--|-2-0-0-0--|-2-2-2-2--|-2-2-2-2--| E|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| around get behing anything Yeah I can get behing anything heh! E|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| B|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| G|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| D|--2-4-4-4-|--4-4-2-4-|-4-4-4-4--|----------|----------|----------| A|-2-2-2-2--|-2-2-2-2--|-2-2-2-2--|----------|----------|----------| E|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| Get it out Get it all out Yeah stretch that thing E|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| B|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| G|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| D|-4-4-2-4--|-2-4-2----|-4-4-2-4--|-2-4-2----|-4-4-2-4--|-2-4-2----| A|-2-2-2-2--|-2-2-2----|-2-2-2-2--|-2-2-2----|-2-2-2-2--|-2-2-2----| E|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| Make it last make it last At least till the ??? E|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| B|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| G|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| D|-2-2-0-2--|-0-2-0----|-2-2-0-2--|-0-2-0----|-4-4-2-4--|-4-2-4----| A|-0-0-0-0--|-0-0-0----|-0-0-0-0--|-0-0-0----|-2-2-2-2--|-2-2-2----| E|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| E|-x-| You know the part where Gord is kinda talkin to himself B|-3-| "How do I explain this, how do I put it into words, G|-4-| It's one thing or another but it's neither this nor that" D|-2-| Well this is the chord that is wailing away behind it. A|-x-| And if this ain't it then slide it up a fret or two E|-x-| Like I said, I don't have my guitar here but I'm pretty sure that the shape of the chord is right. From: CLINTON D <> Rod, I was just looking at what you sent me on Blow At High Dough and I don't understand what part it is. Is it the beginning rhythm? I know the Intro and I think it goes like this: E--------I-----------I--------I--------I B--12----I---(12)----I--(12)--I--(12)--I G--------I-----------I--------I--------I D--------I-----------I--------I--------I A--------I-----------I--------I--------I E--------I-----------I--------I--------I This is the part where I think the base is playing just before the words start. Repeat this first part once more while the lyrics are beginning. > > Actually the part that I tabbed above *is* the bass part. :) > Next the second guitar comes in and plays something like this: Everybody was.. For miles.. Out at.. E-------I--------------I----------I---------I----------I-------I B---2---I------(2)-----I---2/4----I--(4)----I-4---2/4--I--(4)--I G-------I--------------I----------I---------I----------I-------I D-------I--------------I----------I---------I----------I-------I A-------I--------------I----------I---------I----------I-------I E-------I--------------I----------I---------I----------I-------I Some kind.. Well I ain't no movie star.. E----------I--------I--------I--------------------------I B--4--2/4--I--(4)---I---8/7--I--(7)----------9-------11-I G----------I--------I--------I--------------------------I D----------I--------I--------I--------------------------I A----------I--------I--------I--------------------------I E----------I--------I--------I--------------------------I But I .. YEA I CAN... E--(11)---I--------I----------I B---------I--------I----------I G---------I---2----I--(2)-----I D---------I---2----I--(2)-----I A---------I---0----I--(0)-----I E---------I--------I----------I I THINK THE MAIN RHYTHM GOES AS FOLLOWS E B G 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 D 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 A 2 2 0 2 2 0 2 0 E At least it is how I play it and it sounds good to me any suggestions or corrections? Send corrections and suggestions to Rod Nolan <> ======================================================== Blow at high dough, de The tragically hip ========================================================

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