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The Stone Roses
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Format : Howdoyousleep, The stone roses
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Howdoyousleep, The stone roses

# From: (John Spencer) {t:How Do You Sleep} {st:Stone Roses} [E]I've seen your severed [D]head At a b[A]anquet for the dead [E]All are dressed up for [D]dinner Looked so f[A]ine Your [E]shining silver [D]service So t[A]asteful it powdered With the [E]finest [D]military quick [A]wine Now try and picture this As I gave you a kiss The apple in your mouth slipped in mine The orchestra played the sweetest serenade We laughed as we put away your wine [B]So raise your glasses, here's a [A]toast to wasted [E]lives [A]May all their [E]ghosts come back to [B]haunt you And [A]tell you how they [B]died How do you [E]sleep How do you last the night And [A]keep the dogs at [B]bay How do you [E]feel when you close your eyes And [A]try and drift [B]away Does it [E]feel any [A]better now Does it [E]mean any [B]more When the [E]angel of [A]death comes Knock- k[B]nocking and [A]banging at your [E]door When all the fun was over I put you on my shoulder Took you home away from it all Shot down and claimed, mounted and framed Tastefully hung upon my wall [B]All my dreams, your nightmares I [A]hope they all come [E]true [A]Get off your [E]knees the party's [B]over I'm [A]coming home to [B]you {c:repeat chorus twice more}

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tablature howdoyousleep the stone roses

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