Tablature anybody seen my baby

The Rolling Stones
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Format : Has anybody seen my baby, The rolling stones
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Has anybody seen my baby, The rolling stones

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# ^=bend *=release bend ^*=bend, then release Rolling Stones "Anybody Seen My Baby" Tabbed By: -------------------------------------------------------- Song starts of with bass riff: -------------------- -------------------- -0--3--5--7--5--3--0 -------------------- Then, the first time you hear the guitar it goes: E---3---------------------------------------------- B--3----------------------------------------------- G-0------------------------------------------------ D-------------------------------------------------- A-------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------- Then there is some picking after that. right before the chorus you hit the bottom E string open G D C Em Anybody seen my baby G D C Anybody Seen Her Around Love has Gone G E And Made Me Blind C I've looked but I just cant Find G D C She has gotten lost in the crowd ----------------------------------------------------- Right before the verse you do this: E----------------------------------------------------- B--5^*-5---------------------------------------------- G--5^*-5---------------------------------------------- D----------------------------------------------------- A----------------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------- You also play that during the verse. Then the pre-chrous is: E----3-------------------------------------------------- B---3--------------------------------------------------- G--0---------------------------------------------------- D------------------------------------------------------- A------------------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------- Do some picking to make it sound like the CD. The chorus is like the first chorus, with the same chords. Just put them in were the accent in the music is. Lyrics: SHE CONFESSED HER LOVE TO ME THEN SE VANISHED ON THE BREEZE TRYING TO HOLD ON TO THAT WAS JUST IMPOSSIBLE SHE WAS MORE THAN BEAUTIFUL CLOSER TO ETHEREAL WITH A KIND OF DOWN TO EARTH FLAVORE CLOSE MY EYS IT'S THREE IN THE AFTERNOON THEN I REALIZE THAT SHE'S REALLY GONE FOR GOOD ANYBODY SEEN MY BABY ANYBODY SEEN HER AROUND LOVE HAS GONE AND MADE ME BLIND I'VE LOOKED BUT I JUST KAN'T FIND SHE HAS GOTTEN LOST IN TH CROWD IWAS FLIPPIN' MAGAZIENS IN THAT PLACE ON MERCER STREET WHEN I THOUGHT I SPOTTED HER GETTING ON A MOTOR BIKE LOOKING RATHER LADY LIKE DIDN'T SHE JUST GIVE ME A WAVE? SALTY TEARS IT'S THREE IN THE AFTERNOOON HAS SHE DISAPPEARED IS SHE REALLY GONE FOR GOOD ANYBODY SEEN MY BABY ANYBODY SEEN HER AROUND IF I JUST CLOSE MY EYS I REACH OUT AND TOUCH THE PRIZE ANY BODY SEEN HER AROUND (RAP) ANYBODY SEEN MY BABY ANYBODY SEEN HER AROUND IF I JUST CLOSE MY EYES I REACH OUT AND TOUCH THE PRIZE ANYBODY SEEN HER AROUND LOS, LOST AND NEVERFOUND IMUST HAVE CALLED HER A THOUSAND TIMES SOMETIMES I THINK SHE'S JUST IN MY IMAGINATION LOST IN THE CROWD.

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tablature has anybody seen my baby the rolling stones

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