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The Real Kids
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Format : All kindsa girls, The real kids
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All kindsa girls, The real kids

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: (Roy M. Randall) ALL KINDSA GIRLS Felice recorded by The Real Kids, 1977 |C |Dm |C |Dm | G F Baby gave us away today. C G F She broke my heart. I can't beg her to stay this time. C I wanna go right out and find a girl. It's been a long time and I'm seeing the world F Dm C Through different eyes, through different eyes. Oh baby, I ain't begging but I feel like dancing And would you let a city boy F Dm C F G Hold hands with you? I wanna get to know you. C I never thought of myself as tied down, F G But I was so much in love. It was good that she put me down, Dm Em I need someone new, someone who's F G F Gonna make my heart jump the way she usta do. C F G All kindsa girls, all kindsa girls. F I think I'm falling in love again. C F G All kindsa girls, all kindsa girls. F They make me glad I'm a man, I said. C F G All kindsa girls, all kindsa girls. F C I think I'm falling in love, that's right. I take a green eyed girl, she's going to the square, I'll take a chance, although I ain't going nowhere. But I wanna go, I wanna go too. I'll take a northern girl when her parents ain't home We watching TV and we're all alone And I wanna know all kindsa girls. I never thought I'd see the day she'd turn her back on me. But my baby get's her way today. I need someone new, someone who's Gonna make my heart jump the way she usta do. (chorus) Spoken over |:C |F |G | F:| All kindsa girls, all kindsa girls. All kindsa girls, all kindsa girls. I was good to my girl for so long She broke my heart and she done me wrong So I'm out on the street and I open my eyes I see this babe, and to my surprise. I ain't seen her before I want some more, some love. I want some love. A girl, a real girl, a girl Oh, she broke my heart. I'm ready for a new start I love... aw here I go... (guitar solo and fade.) -- Roy M. Randall, FG | Inconsequential Systems, Inc. | BEACH YETI! I've got BEACH YETI on my team! |

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all kindsa girls

Album : Garage

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tablature all kindsa girls the real kids

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