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The Outfield
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Format : Yourlove, The outfield
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Yourlove, The outfield

# Bob Brockman ( {t:Your Love} {st:The Outfield} # (from "Play Deep") {sot} {c:Intro:} E C#m B (repeat) e|----------------- Intro just continues into the verse; B|----------------- the rhythm is syncopated but easy to G|----9----6----4-- pick up if you listen to the record. D|----9----6----4-- Same rhythm continues up to the middle A|----7----4----2-- of the second verse (actually the E|----------------- chorus), when you begin strumming each chord once, starting with the 'A' (see note below). {eot} {c:Verse 1:} [E] Josie's on a [C#m]vacation far a[B]way, come around and talk it over [E] So many [C#m]things that I want to [B]say, you know I like my girls a little bit [A]older. I just want to [C#m]use your love to[B]night; [C#m] I don't want to [A]lose your love to[B]night. {c:Verse 2:} [E] I ain't got many [C#m]friends left to talk to[B], no one around when I'm in trouble [E] You know I'd [C#m]do anything for [B]you, just stick around but keep it under [A]cover. I just want to [C#m]use your love to[B]night; [C#m] I don't want to [A]lose your love to[B]night. {sot} {c:Bridge:} Chords here are just: G A (over and over). The lead riff into this part is something like: e|---[G]------------|--[A]---------------|--[G]-----------|--[A]------------------| (2x) B|---3-----5--7--|--5---5---5------|--3----5--7--|--8--7h8p7--5--7----| G|---4-----------|--6---7---6---6--|--4----------|--6---------6-------| D|---5-----------|--7-----------7--|--5----------|--7-----------------| A|---------------|-----------------|-------------|--------------------| E|---------------|-----------------|-------------|--------------------| {eot} [G] Try to stop my [A]hands from shakin' Something in my mind's not makin' sense ? ? ? ? ? ? the way I'm feelin' {c:Verse 3:} [E] As you're leavin' [C#m]please won't you close the [B]door, and don't forget what I told you [E] Just 'cause you [C#m]? ? ? ? ? ? no [B]more, another shoulder to cry up- [A] on. I just want to [C#m]use your love to[B]night; [C#m] I don't want to [A]lose your love to[B]night. {c:Outro:} [C#m] - [A] - [B] (repeat and fade) throw in an occasional [Bsus]

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tablature yourlove the outfield

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