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The Moody Blues
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Format : Dear diary, The moody blues
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Dear diary, The moody blues

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## Dear Diary (Moody Blues) % Dm / F / Bb / A / Dm / F / Bb / A / Dm F Bb A Dear diary, what a day it's been It was cold out, side my door It's over, will tomorrow be the same Dm F Bb A Dear diary, it's been just like a dream So many, people by the score I know that, they're really not to blame Dm F E A Woke up too late, wasn't where I should have been Rushing around, so senselessly If they weren't so blind, then surely they'd see Dm F E A For goodness sake, what's happening to me They don't notice, there's people like me There's a much better way, for them to be Dm F G Write lightly, yours truly, dear diary Go %(2) Write lightly, yours truly, dear diary Inside me, yours truly, dear diary Go & Dm / F / Bb / A / Dm / F / Bb / A / Bb F They don't know what they're playing Bb F No they've no way of knowing what the game is Am Bb G So they carry on doing what they can Dm F G Outside me, and politely, dear diary Go %(3) & Dm / F / Bb / A / Dm / F / Bb / A / Dm F Bb A Dear diary, it was cold today Dm F Bit of sun came out later Bb A So I went out and strolled about looking at the shops Dm F Bb A Didn't really see anything I liked, so I didn't buy anything Dm F Bb A On the way home I posted a letter Dm F Bb A Been quite a nice day Dm F Bb A Dm Somebody exploded an H-bomb today, afraid it wasn't anybody I knew -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Put your problems out with the cat -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Written by: Mick Anderson or Assisted by: Ria Heeringa Shelley Giblin -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Must be lamb today cause beef was last week =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

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tablature dear diary the moody blues

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