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Format : No woman no cry, The fugees
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No woman no cry, The fugees

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## # Date: Sun, 1 Dec 1996 17:55:18 -0500 (EST) From: Donald Potts <> Subject: "No Woman No Cry" by Fugees "No Woman No Cry" Performed by the Fugees Written by V. Ford Produced by Wyclef and Lauryn Hill From the album, "The Score" Tabbed by Paula Potts and Julianna Johnson at Riff 1 is repeated throughout the introduction and the verses. Listen to the track to get the proper rhythm. RIFF 1 : C G Am e-------0-----------------------------------------] B----1--1-----------3--------1--------------------] G----0--0-----------0--------2--------------------] D---------------------------------0--2--3--3--2--0] A-3--------------------2--0-----------------------] E----------1/2/3--3-------------------------------] For the chorus play Riff 2: RIFF 2: x7 finish the chorus with Riff 3 and then go back to Riff 1 e-----0-] B-------] G-------] D-------] A-3-0---] E-------] RIFF 3: e--------] B--------] G--------] D--------] A--------] E-3-5-7-3] Lyrics: Intro: RIFF 1 A dedication to all the refugees worldwide, aie, one time... Verse 1: RIFF 1 Say, say say I remember, when we used to say, We a gotta a venu (?) in Brooklyn. Aba aba sufferin' the crookedness, As we mingle with the good people we meet. Good friends we've had oh, good friends we've lost, along, the way. In this grim future you can't forget your past, So dry your tears I say, to my pe'p's who've past away. Chorus: RIFF 2,3 No woman no cry. No woman no cry, (say say say). Hey(Hear) little sister, don't shed no tears. No woman no cry, say say say. Verse 2: RIFF 1 I remember, when we used to rock, oh On a project yard in Jersey. And little Georgie, would make the fire live, As stolen cars pass through the night. And then we'd hit the corner store, For Roots paper and ro, oooo (?) My dreams, my only remedy (NO CHORD) For pain of losing family. RIFF 1 Oh while I'm gone shorty. Bridge: RIFF 1 Everything is gonna be alright, Everythings gonna be alright. Fugees come to the dance tonight Everythings gonna be alright.etc. The gun mans in the house tonight etc. oh ah oh ah oh ah etc. Chorus: RIFF 1, 3 Verse 3: RIFF 1 I remember, when we used to say. All among the grit yard in trench town. Aba aba sufferin' the hypocrites, As they mingle with the good people we meet. Good frinds we've had, oh, good frinds we've lost. Along the way, hey. In this great future you can't forget your past, So dry your tears I say, Chorus: RIFF 2,3 Outro:RIFF 1 To my pe'p's who've past away. oh ah, oh ah, oh ah (fade out) If anyone has the tab to "Where Do You Go" by No Mercy, please e-mail me!:) Song: No women no cry **************** This is the Fugees version. Transcription by Eric Johansson Ok, I have tabbed the main guitar part on this beautiful song, it is repeated over and over with some changes that are easy to hear. C G Am F e---------0 -----------3----------------------------------------------------- b---------1------------3-----------------------1----------------------------- g--------0-------------------------------------2----------------------------- d----------------------------------------------2--------0h2----3--3----2---2- a---3--------------------------2---3----0------------------------------------ e-------------0h1h3---------------------------------------------------------- Date: Tue, 18 Feb 1997 14:49:57 +0100 (MEZ) From: Faycal Turki <> Title : No Woman No Cry Band : Fugees Album : Refugee Camp Tabbed By : Faical Turki e|---3-------3-------0-----------| B|---1-------0-------1-----------| G|---0-------0-------2-----------| D|-----------------------2-33-22-| A|-3-----------2-3-0---3---------| E|-----0-2-3---------------------| This line is repeated trough all the verses and in the Chorus play this one: e|---3------3------0------0------3--------| B|---1------1------1------1------1--------| G|---0------0------2------2------0--------| D|----------------------------------------| A|-3---3--3---3--0---0--0---0--3-----0-2--| E|---------------------------------3-----3| I'm sure that the Chorus line nedds some corrections so don't hesitate to send me your notes.

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no woman no cry

Album : The World's Greatest (disc 1)

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tablature no woman no cry the fugees

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