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The Cure
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Format : The figurehead, The cure
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The figurehead, The cure

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: Sagi Assaf <> Chords for : The Cure - The Figurehead -------------------------------------- Guitar ONE (power chords) : Intro : C5 Bb5 F5 G#5 C5 Bb5 F5 G#5 C5 Bb5 F5 G#5 C5 Bb5 Sharp and open, leave me alone F5 G#5 And sleeping less every night C5 Bb5 As the days become heavier and weighted F5 G#5 Waiting in the cold light C5 Bb5 F5 A noise, a scream tears my clothes as the figurines tighten G#5 With spiders inside them C5 Bb5 And dust on the lips of a vision of hell F5 G#5 I laughed in the mirror for the first time in a year. C5 Bb5 F5 G#5 }*2 (with Rhythm Figure 1) C5 Bb5 F5 G#5 A hundred other words blind me with your purity C5 Bb5 Like an old painted doll in the throes of dance F5 G#5 I think about tomorrow C5 Please let me sleep Bb5 As I slip down the window F5 G#5 Freshly sqashed fly C5 Bb5 F5 G#5 You mean nothing, you mean nothing. C5 F#5 C5 F#5 }*2 (with Rhythm Figure 3) C5 Bb5 F5 G#5 }*4 (Rhythm Figure 1 twice, then 6, then 1 again) C5 Bb5 F5 G#5 I can lose myself in Chinese art and American girls C5 All the time B5b Lose me in the dark F5 G#5 Please do it right C5 Running into the night Bb5 I will lose myself tomorrow F5 G#5 Crimson pain, my heart explodes C5 Bb5 My memory in a fire F5 And someone will listen G#5 At least for a short while. C5 F#5 C5 F#5 }*2 (with Rhythm Figure 3) Eb5 F#5 Eb5 F#5 }*2 (with Rhythm Figure 4) F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 (with Rhythm Figure 5 - with every F5) F5 (I can never say no) F5 F5 I can never say no to anyone but you. C5 Bb5 F5 G#5 }*4 (with Rhythm Figure 2 twice, then 6, then 2 again) C5 Bb5 Too many secrets, too many lies F5 G#5 Writhing with hatred C5 Bb5 F5 G#5 Too many secrets, please make it good tonight C5 But the same image haunts me Bb5 F5 In sequence, in despair of time G#5 C5 I will never be clean again Bb5 F5 Touched her eyes, pressed my stained face G#5 C5 I will never be clean again (with Rhythm Figure 1) Bb5 F5 Touch her eyes, press my stained face G#5 C5 Bb5 F5 I will never be clean again G#5 C5 Bb5 F5 I will never be clean again G#5 C5 Bb5 F5 I will never be clean again G#5 I will never be clean again. Guitar TWO : -When guitar ONE plays C5 during verses : e|------------- B|--------1---- G|------0------ (Cm) D|----1-------- A|--3---------- E|------------- -Rhythm Figure 1 : e|----------------3--1------ B|--1-3-4-1-3-4--------4-3-- G|--------------1----------- D|-------------------------- A|-------------------------- E|-------------------------- -Rhythm Figure 2 : e|--------1----------------- B|--1-3-4---3--------------- G|------------3-1--(0)-(1)-- D|-------------------------- A|-------------------------- E|-------------------------- -Rhythm Figure 3 : e|--------2-3-2--- B|--1-3-4--------- G|---------------- D|---------------- A|---------------- E|---------------- -Rhythm Figure 4 : e|--11-----11------------- B|------12---------------- G|-------------11--12-11-- D|------------------------ A|------------------------ E|------------------------ -Rhythm Figure 5 : e|------------ B|------------ G|--10--13-12- D|------------ A|------------ E|------------ -Rhythm Figure 6 : e|--------1-----------1-------- B|--1-3-4---4-3-1-3-4--4-3----- G|----------------------------- D|----------------------------- A|----------------------------- E|----------------------------- OK, that's it, not very difficult. Any feedback, corrections, suggestions, questions, etc... : Enjoy. - Transcribed by Assaf Sagi, 20/09/94 -

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The Cure (partition)

The Cure (Partition)
Type : Partition
Edition Amscowyse

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tablature the figurehead the cure

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