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The Cure
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Format : Siamese twins, The cure
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Siamese twins, The cure

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: Sagi Assaf <> Chords for : The Cure - Siamese Twins ------------------------------------- A5 F5 D5 F5 }*4 A5 G5 D5 F5 I chose an eternity of this A5 G5 D5 F5 Like falling angels the world disappeared A5 G5 D5 F5 Laughing into the fire, is it always like this ? A5 G5 Flesh and blood and the first kiss D5 F5 The first colors the first kiss. A5 F5 D5 F5 }*2 (repeat A5 G5 D5 F5 throughout the verse) We writhed under a red light Voodoo smile, siamese twins Girl at the window looks at me for an hour Then everything falls apart Broken inside me, it falls apart. C5 D5 A5 The walls and the ceiling move in time C5 D5 Push a blade into my hands, slowly up the stairs E5 And into the room E5 Is it always like this ? A5 F5 Dancing in my pocket A5 F5 Worms eat my skin A5 G5 She glows and grows with arms outstretched E5 Her legs around me, in the morning I cried. A5 F5 D5 F5 }*4 (repeat A5 G5 D5 F5) Leave me to die, you won't remember my voice I walked away and grew old You never talk, we never smile I scream you're nothing And I don't need you anymore You're nothing It fades and spins Fades and spins. C5 D5 A5 Sing out loud we all die C5 D5 Laughing into the fire E5 Bb5 Is it always like this ? E5 Bb5 Is it always like this ? N.C. Is it always like this ? - Transcribed by Assaf Sagi, 14/09/94 - Comments, suggestions, etc. :

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    siamese twins

    Album : Pornography

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    The Cure (partition)

    The Cure (Partition)
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