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The Cure
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Format : One hundred years, The cure
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One hundred years, The cure

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: Winston Campbell <> Subject: ONE HUNDRED YEARS by The Cure One Hundred Years (words by Robert Smith, music by Simon Gallup, Laurence Tolhurst, and Robert Smith) -Pornography- opens up with this cool anti-God-given-anything-good song. I was too lazy to put the chords over the words but here is the riff nonetheless: Cm B Cm B E ------------|------------|------------|-----4--3--4-3-| B ------------|------------|------------|---------------| G -7/////-|-7/////-|-7/////-|-4-------------| D ------------|------------|------------|---------------| A ------------|------------|------------|---------------| E ------------|------------|------------|---------------| If you have heard the song before, I am sure you know what 7//// means. To play that you just have to repeatedly bend the note 1/2 step up and down. And I think you strike the note a couple times in the measure (say around four times- I have not transcribed it that way). You will notice that the song goes from Cm to B. If I wanted to be technical, for the fourth measure I would have wrote B, Bsus6, Bsus#5, Bsus6 over the 4--3-4 notes on the high E string but I am not going to. That is the main riff. For the lyrics such as "waiting for the death blow", "just like the old days" and "one after the other", a Bb chord is played. For the "a hundred years" part, Gb is played and then the song goes back to Cm to B. That is basically it. Here are the lyrics: It doesn't matter if we all die Ambition in the back of a black car In a high building there is so much to do Going home time A story on the radio Something small falls out of your mouth And we laugh A prayer for something better A prayer for something better Please love me Meet my mother But the fear takes hold Creeping up the stairs in the dark Waiting for the death blow Waiting for the death blow Waiting for the death blow Stroking your hair as the patriots are shot Fighting for freedom on the television Sharing the world with slaughtered pigs Have we got everything? She struggles to get away The pain and the creeping feeling A little black haired girl Waiting for Saturday The death of her father pushing her Pushing her white face into the mirror Aching inside me And turn me around Just like the old days Just like the old days Just like the old days Just like the old days Caressing an old man And painting a lifeless face Just a piece of new meat in a clean room The soldiers close in under a yellow moon All shadows and deliverance Under a black flag A hundred years of blood Crimson The ribbon tightens round my throat I open my mouth And my head bursts open A sound like a tiger thrashing in the water Thrashing in the water Over and over We die one after the other Over and over We die one after the other One after the other One after the other One after the other One after the other It feels like a hundred years A hundred years A hundred years A hundred years A hundred years One hundred years

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one hundred years

Album : Pornography

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tablature one hundred years the cure

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