Tablature fromtheedgeofthedeepgreensea

The Cure
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Format : Fromtheedgeofthedeepgreensea, The cure
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Fromtheedgeofthedeepgreensea, The cure

{t:From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea} {st:The Cure} {define:D* base-fret 0 frets 2 0 0 2 3 0} {c:Intro:} [E]---- [D]----- [E]---- [D]---- [E]---- [D]---- [Em]----- ... [D*]---- [G]---- [Am]--- -- [Em]every time we [D*]do this, I [G]fall for h[Am]er [Em]wave after wave after [D*]wave it's [G]all for h[Am]er i k[Em]now this can't be wr[D*]ong i say (and i'll l[G]ie to keep her happy) as [Am]long as i know that you [Em]know that today i b[D*]elong right here with y[G]ou,[Am] right here with you... and so we watch the sun come up from the edge of the deep green sea and she listens like her head's on fire, like she wants to believe in me so i try put your hands in the sky surrender remember we'll be here forever and we'll never say goodbye... i've never been so colourfully-see-through-head before i've never been so wonderfully-me-you-want-some-more and all i want is to keep it like this you and me alone, a secret kiss and don't go home, don't go away don't let this end, please stay not just for today never never never never never let me go she says hold me like this for a hundred thousand million days but suddenly she slows and looks down at my breaking face why do you cry? what did i say? but it's just rain i smile brushing my tears away... i[Bm] wish i could just s[C]top i know another mo[D]ment will break my h[Em]eart too many te[Bm]ars, too many ti[C]mes too many y[D]ears i've cried [Em]over you h[E]ow much more can we u[D]se it up? dr[E]ink it dry? ta[D]ke this drug? lo[E]oking for something f[D]orever gone but s[E]omething we will a[D]lways want? {npp} why why why are you letting me go? she says i feel you pulling back, i feel you changing shape... and just as i'm breaking free she hangs herself in front of me slips her dress like a flag to the floor and hands in the sky surrenders it all... i wish i could just stop i know another moment will break my heart too many tears too many times too many years i've cried for you it's always the same wake up in the rain head in pain hung in shame a different name same old game love in vain and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles away from home again...

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tablature fromtheedgeofthedeepgreensea the cure

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