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The Cranberries
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Format : Dreams, The cranberries
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Dreams, The cranberries

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: (William J Seo) ws'94 @SONG: DREAMS Music by: The Cranberries Written by: N.Hogan & D.O'Riordan (1992) From the album: Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? (Island/PLG 1993) Transcription by: Will Seo ( *see note at bottom This song is very ethereal and magical. It's one of my favorite songs. -tremelo/echo/chorus effects are a must! Introduction ------------ Guitar I (electric - strum with tremelo/chorus/echo effect) Chord progression : E A/A~ B/B~ E (see below for chord patterns) (slight background picking/strumming of additional guitar) E E E A A A or A~'s B B B or B~'s E E E E E e|-0-0-0------------0-0-0------------2-2-2------------0-0-0-----------0--0-| B|-0-0-0------------2-2-2------------4-4-4------------0-0-0-----------0--0-|r G|-1-1-1------------2-2-2------------4-4-4------------1-1-1-----------1--1-|e D|-2-2-2------------2-2-2------------4-4-4------------2-2-2-----------2--2-|s A|-2-2-2------------0-0-0------------2-2-2------------2-2-2-----------2--2-|t E|-0-0-0----------------------------------------------0-0-0-----------0--0-| ^down beat ^ ^ ^ ^ Guitar II (or keyboard played simultaneously with above guitar I) Note progression : G# G# F# G# e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|r G|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|e D|-----6~---------------6~-------------64~-------------4/6~---------------|s A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|t E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Guitar I (picking with clean chorus/tremelo effect) (the notes in parentheses are not actually played but playing them may help you out with the timing...) Riff A e|------------------------------------------------------------------| B|----0-----0-----0---0-----0-----0---0-----0-----0---0-----0-----0-| G|------1-----1---------1-----1---------1-----1---------1-----1-----| D|-(2)---(2)---(2)-------(2)---(2)----------------------------------| A|---------------------------------(0)---(0)---(0)-------(0)---(0)--| E|------------------------------------------------------------------| Riff A (cont'd) e|------------------------------------------------------------------|v B|----0-----0-----0---0-----0-----0---0-----0-----0---0-----0-----0-|o n G|------2-----2---------2-----2---------1-----1---------1-----1-----|c e D|---------------------------------(2)---(2)---(2)-------(2)---(2)--|a x A|-(2)---(2)---(2)-------(2)---(2)----------------------------------|l t E|------------------------------------------------------------------|s Use the different variations of the A and B chords where suitable (A~ & B~) (Guitar I,II - chord strums with slight picking) E A/A~ B/B~ Oh my life is changing everyday E every possible way E A/A~ B/B~ though my dreams, it's never quite as it seems E never quite as it seems (Guitar I - picking of Riff A) E A/A~ I know I felt like this before B/B~ but now I'm feeling it even more E because it came from you (Guitar I,II - chord strums with slight picking) E A/A~ Then I open up and see B/B~ the person fumbling here is me E a different way to be [O'Riordan chanting part] Chords : G C G C (Guitar I - play single chord strums with tremelo effect) (Guitar I,II - chord strums with slight picking) I want more, impossible to ignore impossible to ignore they'll come true, impossible not to do impossible not to do (Guitar I - picking of Riff A) Now I tell you openly you have my heart so don't hurt me for what I couldn't find (Guitar I,II - chord strums with slight picking) Talk to me amazing mind so understanding and so kind you're everything to me Oh my life is changing everyday every possible way though my dreams, it's never quite as it seems 'cause you're a dream to me dream to me Coda ---- (Guitars I & II) Guitar I - picking of Riff A Guitar II - chord strums with HEAVY tremelo/chorus/echo effect Chord formations: E A A~ C o oo xo o oo x o o 1-III*II 1-IIIIII 5-*IIIII 1-IIII*I I**III II***I III*II II*III IIIIII IIIIII I**III I*IIII 231 123 1342 32 1 B B~ G G x oo ooo oo 2-I*---* 7-*IIIII 1-IIIIII 1-IIIIII IIIIII III*II I*IIII or I*IIII II***I I**III *IIII* *III** 12341 1342 21 4 21 34 ****************************************************************************** * This transcription is not complete. Corrections or additions are welcome. * * (i.e. names of A~ and B~ chords, effects/voicing ideas, bass lines?) * * Send feedback to : (massive cranberries fan) * ******************************************************************************

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Album : Everybody Else Is Doing It So Why Can't We? The Complete Sessions 1991-1993

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tablature dreams the cranberries

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