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Only When I Sleep, The Corrs, #2558

The Corrs
Only When I Sleep

#2558 - Only When I Sleep Guitare
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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the# #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.# #-----------------------------------------------------------------------------# From: "Simon Forsman" <> Subject: the Corrs... Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 05:26:52 PST **Only when I sleep** By the Corrs, from the album Talk on corners. Figured out by Simon Forsman. <> Some of the chords on this song is kinda odd, and I don't know what they're called. But on the bottom of this page I'll show you the tabs on theese chords. And in the end of the verses there's a guitar riff - check bottom of page. The bass is always going B, A, E, A on the verses, but the guitar sometimes (or always) go to the A6/Db-chord instead of the bass's A. So if you wanna variate: Instead of the A's on the verses, use the A6/Db-chord (see tab). And instead of the E's on the verses the guitar sometimes goes to some kind of E/Ab-chord... But if you're only using the guitar and no bass, you might aswell just play all the ordinary chords. Sounds better. There's a riff in the beginning of the song. I'll give you the tab on that riff (not the entire solo). Just a nice intro... m=minor Intro: riff 1... Bm... D7... E... Em... A... Verse 1: Bm A E Bm ... You're only just a dream boat, sailing in my head A E Bm You swim my secret oceans, of coral blue and red A E (bridge:)G^(see tab) Your smell is incense burning, your touch is silken yet D G^ It reaches through my skin, moving from within riff 2(tab) And it clutches at my breast... Chorus: Bm D7 But it's only when I sleep, see you in my dreams E Em A Got me spinning round and round, turning upside down Bm D7 But I only hear you breathe, somewhere in my sleep E Em A Got me spinning round and round, turning upside down Bm... But it's only when i sleep... Verse 2: A E Bm ... And when I wake from slumber, your shadow's disappeared A E Bm You breath is just the sea mist, surrounding my body A E (bridge:) G^(tab)... I'm working through the daytime, but when it's time to rest... D G^(tab) I'm lying in my bed, listening to my breath riff 2(tab)... Falling from the edge... Chorus. But it's only when I sleep... I see you in my... ... ... (stick:)G^(tab) Bm/G#(tab) A6sus(tab) ... But it's only when I sleep... yeah yeah.... yeah yeeayeaaaaaa riff 2(tab) aaaahh... I'ts only when I sleep... Flute/violin solo - chords as on chorus. Lyrics while solo: Up to the sky, where eagles fly I'll never die, hawaiian high... Bridge: It reaches through my skin... (chords as on first verse) Chorus... and out(same chords as on chorus all the way out): But it's only when I sleep... ... ... In bed I lie, no need to cry My sleeping cry, hawaiian high... ... Up to the sky, where angels fly I'll never die, hawaiian high... ... Tabs: Riff 1 (on the two high-freq strings): E -2-2-2-0-... B -0-2-3-X-... (Land on the Bm-chord) A6/Db (your pointingfinger on 2:nd fret): E-2 B-2 G-2 D-2 A-4 E-X G^: E-2 B-3 G-0 D-0 A-X (mute with longfinger that's on the lowest E-string's 3:rd fret) E-3 Riff 2(on the three low-freq strings): D -2-2-2-X-- A -1-2-4-4-- E -X-X-X-2-- Bm/G# (pointingfinger on 2:nd fret): E-2 B-3 G-4 D-2 A-2 E-4 A6sus (pointingfinger on 2:nd fret) E-2 B-3 G-2 D-2 A-0 E-x That's about it! Enjoy! ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at ======================================================== Only when i sleep, de The corrs ========================================================

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