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The Clash
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Format : Bankrobber, The clash
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Bankrobber, The clash

#From: (Peter Palmer) {t:Bank Robber} {st:The Clash} # This is as close as my ear could get it. The problem # is there really isn't any straight guitar playing. # The intro lines are what I play along with the initial # humming. As always, corrections encouraged. {sot} Guitar --------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ----0----2-0---0----------------------------- -------------3----------------2---3-2-0-2---- 3--------------------------3----------------- bass ---------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- ---5-5-5-5-5----5-5-5--------5-5-5-5-5-0------- 3-------------3------------3--------------3---- Guitar --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- -----0---2-0---0--------------0-------------------- -------------3-------------3----------------------- 3--------------------------------3--3-3-3-3-------- bass ---------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------0-------------------- ---5-5-5-5-5----5-5-5-5-5---3----------------------- 3-------------3-------------------3-3-3-3-3--------- {eot} [G]My Daddy was a [C]bankrob[G]ber [G]But he never hurt no[C]bo[G]dy [G]He just loved to [C]live that [G]way And he [C]loved to [D]steal your [G]money [G]Some is rich, and [C]some is [G]poor [G]That's the way the [C]world [G]is [G]But I don't believe in [C]lying [G]back [C]Sayin' how [D]bad your [G]luck is So we came to jazz it up We never loved a shovel Break your back to earn your pay An' don't forget to grovel The old man spoke up in a bar Said I never been in prison A lifetime serving one machine Is ten times worse than prison Imagine if all the boys in jail Could get out now together Whadda you think they'd want to say to us? While we was being clever Someday you'll meet your rocking chair Cos that's where we're spinning There's no point to wanna comb your hair When it's grey and thinning Run rabbit run Strike out boys, for the hills I can find that hole in the wall And I know that they never will

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