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The Byrds
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Format : Chestnutmare, The byrds
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Chestnutmare, The byrds

# From: (Len Moskowitz) {t:Chestnut Mare} {st:The Byrds} [D]Alwa[A6]ys al[Bm]one, [G]never [G/F#bass]with a [A7]herd [D]Prettiest [A6]mare I've [Bm]ever seen, [G]you'll [G/F#bass]have to take my [A7]word [G]I'm [G/F#]going[bass] to [Em]catch that [A7]horse if I [D]can [A6] [Bm] [G]and [G/F#]when [bass]I [Em]do I'll giv[A7]e her my br[D]and [A6] [Bm] [D]Well I was [A6]up on Stony Rid[Bm]ge [G]after this [G/F#bass]chestnut mare, [Em]been chasing her for [A7]weeks [D]Oh I'd catc[A6]h a glimpse of [Bm]her every once in a while [G]taking[G/F#bass] her meal, [Em]bathin[A7]g, f[A7sus]ine la[A7]dy [D] [A6]This one day I [Bm]happen to be real close to her [G]and I saw her standing ove[G/F#bass]r there [Em] so I[A7] snuck up on her [D]nice[A6] an[Bm]d easy got my rope out [G] [G/F#bass] [Em]and I flung it in the ai[A7]r! {c:CHORUS} [G]I'm [G/F#bass]going to [Em]catch that [A7]horse if I [D]can [A6] [Bm] [G]and [G/F#]when [bass]I [Em]do I'll giv[A7]e her my br[D]and [A6] [Bm] [G]And [G/F#bass]we'll be [Em]friends for life [G]She'll [G/F#bass]be just like a [Em]wife [G]I'm [G/F#bass]going to [Em]catch that [A7]horse if I [D]can [A6] [Bm] And I got her and I'm pulling on her And she's pulling back like this mule going up a ladder And I take a choice and I jump right up on her Damned if I don't land right on top of her And she takes off, running up onto the ridge higher than I've ever been before She's running along just fine 'til she stops and something spooked her it's a sidewinder, all coiled and ready to strike she doesn't know what to do for a second, but then, she jumps off the edge, me holding on [D]Above [Abass]the hill[Bbass]s, highe[C]r than eagle[C/Bbass]s were glidi[Em]ng (Ebass, F# bass) [G]suspended in the [D]sky [D]over the hill (A bass, B bass) [C]straight for the [C/Bbass]sun we were r[Em]iding (E bass, F# bass) [G]my eyes were [G/F#bass]filled with [Asus]light [D]behind those black walls b[Abass]elow was[Bbass] a botto[C]ml[C/Bbass]ess canyon [Em] (Ebass, F# bass) [G]floating with no [D]sound [D]ghosts far below (A bass, B bass) [C]seemed to be [C/B]sudd[bass]enly [Em]rising [G]exploding [G/F#bass]all around [Asus] {c:Chorus} We were falling down this crevice about about a mile down it seem and I looked down And I see this red thing below us coming up real fast and it's our reflection that's this little pool of water about six feet wide and one foot deep We're falling down right through it We hit, we splashed it dry that's when I lost my hold and she got away but I'm gonna try and get her again some day {c:Chorus} {sot} D A6 Bm G G/F#bass A7 A7sus Em C C/Bbass 2 2 2 3 3 0 0 0 x x 3 2 3 3 3 2 3 0 1 1 2 2 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 4 0 0 2 2 2 2 2 0 x x 2 2 0 0 2 3 2 x x x 3 2 x x 0 x x {eot}

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tablature chestnutmare the byrds

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