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The Badlees
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Format : Fear of falling, The badlees
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Fear of falling, The badlees

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## # From: Mario Alaniz & Marco Castillo <> Subject: TAB: Fear of Falling by The Badlees Date: Fri, 26 Jul 1996 21:42:35 -0500 This is for a relatively new band called The Badlees. This song appears = on TWO 1995 releases of the same CD. It first appeared in early 1995 on = an independent label, and was re-issued in late 1995 on Atlas/Polygram = records. The product number (for those who want to go hunting for it) = is 31452-9266-2. This is STRICTLY the author's own interpretation of the music, and for = those who think otherwise, I'll slap them around gladly. :+} The lyrics are as they appear on the 1995 Atlas/Polygram release called = "River Songs," and on the web page for The Badlees: = These folks have all the copyrights, and if = you're worried about infringing upon them with regards to the = MUSIC...don't. I worked out the music. =20 I hope you enjoy the song! =20 The intro on the song is a mandolin going through a pretty little = progression, but it boils down to D-C-G-D on 4/4 time. The chords are to be played EXACTLY = WHERE THEY APPEAR ON THIS TAB. If they're between words, play the chord = at that point. This is not the result of a badly done alignment in my = word-processor. But in any event, you'll get the cadence, and it will = flow with the rest of the song very nicely.=20 Fear of Falling - The Badlees D Last night I dreamt of flying C Over hillsides in the snow G And I dove down through the clouds D Into the valley there below D When the fields turned into parking lots C My freedom turned to dread G The ground rose up to greet me D And I jumped up out of bed C You can fly, fly, fly D Off to anywhere you choose C You can try, try, try D But eventually you'll lose D It seems there's always something G C Tryin' to bring a good man down (stretch the word when sung) C G I have no fear of falling D But I hate hitting the ground Searchin' through my sofa Tryin' to find some extra change I thought that I knew everything 'Til everything changed Now I'm standing on an island That is sinking into the sea And all that I can do Is just enjoy the scenery Well, you can fly, fly, fly Off to anywhere you choose You can try, try, try But eventually you'll lose They say a man hears sweet, soft music Just before he drowns I have no fear of falling But I hate hitting the ground (repeat line) (Insert Solo Here) (Sorry folks, haven't figured out the rhythm part during the solo. If I = do, I'll post an update to this song. But I can say that it appears to be = some=20 progression in Em.) You and I have politics There's lines that we don't cross And we live happily ever after Inside this little box But you just can't take a lion And throw him into a cage And expect him to be thankful For the shelter that you gave (repeat chorus three times and slowly fade) You can fly, fly, fly Off to anywhere you choose You can try, try, try But eventually you'll lose The more you try to cling to me The less I'll stick around I have no fear of falling But I hate hitting the ground Any problems with this musical interpretation are mine, and mine alone. = If you have any corrections, please let me know! =20 Mario Alaniz

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fear of falling

Album : River Songs

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tablature fear of falling the badlees

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