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The Animals
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Format : San franciscan nights, The animals
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San franciscan nights, The animals

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the# #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.# #-----------------------------------------------------------------------------# Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 17:32:19 -0400 From: Andrew Rogers <> Subject: a/animals/san_franciscan_nights.crd "San Franciscan Nights" (Burdon - Briggs - Weider - Jenkins - McCulloch) Intro: guitar w/snare drum: v v v v v v v v v v v v v -----------------|---------|-----------------|------------- -----------------|---------|-----------------|------------- -----------------|---------|-----------------|------------- -----------------|---------|-----------------|------------- -----------------|---------|-----------------|-3----------- -0-----3-2--0----|---------|-0-----3-2---0---|------------- ^ doubled w/bass repeat 8X w/narration: guitar: Em v v v v v v v v -----------------|----------------- -----------------|----------------- ------------02--4|----------------- -2---2---2-------|-2---2---2--0---- -----------------|-------------2--2 -----------------|----------------- v v v v v v v v -----------------|----------------- -----------------|----------------- -----------------|----------------- -0---0---0---0--0|-0---0---0---0--0 (Spoken:) This following program is dedicated to the city and people of San Francisco Who may not know it, but they are beautiful - and so is their city This is a very personal song, so if the viewer cannot understand it - particularly those of you who are European residents - save up all your bread and fly Trans-Love Airways to San Francisco, USA Then maybe you'll understand the song It will be worth it - if not for the sake of this song But for the sake of your own peace of mind bass: Em [N.C.] [slower] v v v v v v v v -----------------|----------------- -----------------|----------------- -----------------|-------------0-2- -0---------------|-----------3----- (mind) C Em/B Am G / / / / / / / / Verse 1: C Em/B Am G Strobe light's beam creates dreams C Em/B Am G Walls move minds do too D F C On a warm San Franciscan night C Dm F C Old child, young child, feel all right D F C On a warm San Franciscan night Verse 2: Angels sing, leather wings Jeans of blue, Harley-Davidsons too On a warm San Franciscan night Old angels, young angels feel all right On a warm San Franciscan night Bridge: Fm I wasn't born there Em Perhaps I'll die there F G /F /D /B /G [N.C.] There's noplace left to go San Francisco... Instrumental break: guitar 1 [chords implied]: C Em/B v v v v -12-13-15-13-12-13-15-13----12-13-12----12-13-12- -------------------------15----------15---------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- guitar 2: v v v v -------12----------12---------------------------- -13-15----15-13-15----15-12-13-15-13-12-13-15-13- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- guitar 1: Am G v v v v -------12----------12---------------------------- -13-15----15-13-15----15-12---------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- guitar 2: v v v v ------------------------------------------------- ----13-15-13----13----13------------------------- -14----------14----------12---------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- D F C / / / / / / / / C D* F C / / / / / / / / Dm* F C / / / / / / / / * note that the D and Dm are swapped from the verse Verse 3: Cop's face is filled with haight Heavens above, he's on a street called Love When will they ever learn Old cop, young cop feel all right On a warm San Franciscan Night Bridge 2: The children are cool They don't raise fools It's an American dream Includes Indians, too [repeat instrumental break; fade] -- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers

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tablature san franciscan nights the animals

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