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Format : Song and emotion, Tesla
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Song and emotion, Tesla

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## Here's the TAB for the intro parts (as requested here recently). This is how I play it on one guitar (there are actually two guitars playing slightly different parts). "Song & Emotion" - Tesla -------------- Dsus2 G/B Cadd9 G/B ----------------0-----------------------0------------------------------------- -------------3-----3-----------------------3--------------------3-----------3- ----------2-----------2--------------0--------0--------------0-----------0---- -2--3--0-----------------2--3-----0-----------------------2-----------0------- -------------------------------2-----------------0--2--3-----------2---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Gm/Bb A7sus4 A7 ----------------------0--------0--------------0------------------------------- ----------3--------------3--------3--------------2---------------------------- -------0-----------0--------0--------------0--------0------------------------- ----0-----------2-----------------------2------------------------------------- -1-----------0-----------------------0---------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It continues this pattern through for awhile and then when they get to the line that says, "There was a time, there was a day...", it goes like this: (I'm starting with the last measure of the above pattern, on the A7 chord) A7 Fmaj7 C/E sl ----------0---------------------0--------0--------------0--------0------------ -----------------------------1-----1--------1--------1-----1--------1--------- -------0------------------2-----------------------0-----------0--------------- ----2--------2--/7--5--3--------------3--------2------------------------------ -0---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dm Dsus2 Fmaj7 /P sl ----------1---0--------0-----------0---------------------0--------0----------- -------3---------3--------------3---------------------1-----1----------------- ----2---------------2--------2---------------------2-----------2-----2-------- -0------------------------0-----------2--/7--5--3----------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C/E Dm Dsus2sus4? /P ----------0--------0-----------1---0------------0----------------------------- -------1-----1--------------3---------3-----3---3----------------------------- ----0-----------0--------2---------------2------0----------------------------- -2--------------------0------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Then for the part that starts at the line: "Then he starts to play. Suddenly the pain slowly fades away...", you do the following: A G/B -------------0---------------------------------------------------------------- ----------2-----2--------------0--------0------------------------------------- -------2-----------2--------0-----0-----------0-----0-----0------------------- ----2--------------------0-----------0---------------------------------------- -0--------------------2--------------------3-----2---------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------3-----2---------------- Em A G/B -------------0-----------------------0---------------------------------------- ----------------0-----------------2-----2--------------0--------0------------- -------0-----------0-----------2-----------2--------0-----0------------------- ----------2-----------2-----2--------------------0-----------0---------------- ----2--------------------0--------------------2------------------------------- -0---------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Em D/F# G ------------------------------------------0----------------------------------- ----0-----0-----0----------------------------0--------------------------0----- ------------------------------------0-----------0-----------2--------0-------- ---------------------------------------2-----------2-----0--------0----------- -3-----2------------/H-/P------2-------------------------------------------- -------------3-----2---3---2--0-----------------------2--------3-------------- C G/D -------------0----------------------------- At this point, go back to the ----------1-----1-------------------------- Em with the * over it and play -------0-----------0-----------0--------0-- through to the end of this section ----2-----------------2-----2--------0----- (twice) and then the harder part -3-----------------------3--------5-------- kicks in. ------------------------------------------- And for those interested, here are the complete lyrics: *---------------------------* | SONG AND EMOTION | 8:29 | *------------------------------------------* | (To Our Friend, Steve "Steamin" Clark) | | Lyrics: J.K., Michael Barbiero | | Music: Frank Hannon, Tommy Skeoch | *==========================================* I see him there most ev'ry day, A lonely man and his guitar. In his eyes, I see the pain, All the faces and the places, All the trouble that he'd seen. There was a time, There was a day, They'd come from miles around. They all knew his name. But day's gone by are gone, Now only memories remain. Then he starts to play. Suddenly the pain slowly fades away. Tattered, torn and frayed, There's a place within his heart He'll always save for the song and emotion. Know he's got to his dyin' day. Song and emotion. You can hear him play. You can still hear him say, Better run for cover 'cause it looks like rain again! And now his life is but a shadow of his dreams. The calm is over, been stormin' for years. He turns and leans his shoulder to the wind. Lost again! All along, on his way to the top, Somehow, somewhere, something was lost. Through it all he knew his only friend was Song and emotion. Know he's got to his dyin' day. Song and emotion. Where are they now, where are those people who promised him his dreams? Where are they now for this lonely creature on the streets? Broken, humbled by the cold reality. Life at the top ain't always what it seems. Oh, better run for cover, 'cause it looks like rain again. You best be careful of what you dream, Of what you dream! Song and emotion. Song and emotion. Song and emotion. Song and emotion. ------- Have fun! -------------------------- |Christopher Bolton | |cbolton@csd475a.erim.org| --------------------------

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song and emotion

Album : Twisted Wires & The Acoustic Sessions

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Tesla: Time''s Makin'' Changes

Tesla: Time''s Makin'' Changes
Type : Partition
Edition Cherry Lane Music

16,00 €

tablature song and emotion tesla

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