Tablature say hello to heaven

Temple Of The Dog
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Format : Say hello to heaven, Temple of the dog
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Say hello to heaven, Temple of the dog

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## Received: from top.cs.vu.nl (top.cs.vu.nl []) by post-office.nevada.edu (8.6.4/8.6.4) with SMTP id FAA06955 for <jamesb@nevada.edu> Wed, 23 Feb 1994 05:50:51 -0800 Received: by top.cs.vu.nl id aa11016; 23 Feb 94 14:49 MET Received: from brik.cs.vu.nl by top.cs.vu.nl id aa10528; 23 Feb 94 14:27 MET Received: from jol37.cs.vu.nl by brik.cs.vu.nl id aa07497; 23 Feb 94 14:27 MET Date: Wed, 23 Feb 94 14:27:07 MET From: "Mark van 't Zet" <tmvtzet@cs.vu.nl> To: jamesb@nevada.edu Subject: "Say hello to heaven" tab / Temple of the Dog Message-ID: <9402231427.aa18746@jol37.cs.vu.nl> "Say hello to heaven" / Temple of the Dog Tab transcription by Mark van 't Zet (tmvtzet@cs.vu.nl) USED CHORDS Name eadgbe Am7 x02213 B x24432 Bb6 x13033 C x32010 C7 x32310 Cadd9 x32033 D xx0232 Em 022000 Em7 022033 Em7/A x02033 F 133211 G 320033 G(barred) 355433 G# 466544 ..and finally the hardest chord: N.C. xxxxxx INTRO ------3------3------3------3----------0-------------0------ ----3------3------3------3----------3---3---------3---3---- ----------------------------------0-------0-----0-------0-- --3------3------2------2----------------------------------- --------------------------------1-------------0------------ ----------------------------------------------------------- ------3------3--------0----------0-------0----------0------ ----3------3--------3---3-------------------------3---3---- ------------------0-------0----0-------0--------0-------0-- ----------------------------------------------------------- --3------3------2------------------------------------------ -----------------------------1-------1--------0------------ RIFF F F G# G# G VERSE 1 G Am7 C Em Please mother mercy take me from this place G Am7 C F And the long winded curses I keep hearing in my head G Am7 C Em Words never listen and teachers never learn G Am7 C F Now I'm warm from the candle but I feel to cold to burn PRE-CHORUS 1 He came from an island and he died from the street -------3------3------3------3---------0-------------0------ -----3------3------3------3---------3---3---------3---3---- ----------------------------------0-------0-----0-------0-- ----------------------------------------------------------- ---3------3------2------2---------------------------------- --------------------------------1-------------0------------ G Bb6 Em7/A Cadd9 He hurt so bad like a soul breaking but he never said nothing to me CHORUS (N.C.) G D C7 Say hello to heaven, heaven, heaven (N.C.) G D C7 Say hello to heaven, heaven, heaven RIFF VERSE 2 G Am7 C Em New like a baby, lost like a prayer G Am7 C F The sky was your playground but the cold ground was your bed G Am7 C Em Poor stargazer she's got no tears in her eyes G Am7 C F Smooth like a whisper she knows that love heals all wounds with time PRE-CHORUS 2 (play tab/chrds of pre-chorus1) Now it seems like too much love is never enough You better seek out another road 'cause this one has ended abrupt ..oh.. CHORUS GUITAR SOLO (maybe a tab later) RIFF VERSE 3 G Am7 C Em I never wanted to write these words down for you G Am7 C F With these pages of phrases of things we'll never do G Am7 C Em So I blow out the candle and I put you to bed G Bb6 Since you can't say to me how the dogs broke your bone B C There's just one thing left to be said ..yeah.. CHORUS RIFF 3x OUTRO (play pre-chorus tab, followed by a raked Em7 chord)

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tablature say hello to heaven temple of the dog

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