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Suzy Bogguss
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Format : Somewhere between, Suzy bogguss
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Somewhere between, Suzy bogguss

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the# #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.# #-----------------------------------------------------------------------------# SONG: SAY YOU'LL BE THERE ARTIST: SPICE GIRLS ALBUM: SPICE WRITTEN BY: SPICE GIRLS/KENNEDY PUBLISHED BY: WINDSWEPT PACIFIC MUSIC LTD/SONY ATV MUSIC PUBLISHING TRANSCRIBED BY: THIJS VAN THIENEN (THIJSVAN.THIENEN@SCOTTISHTELECOM.COM) This is probably the best song Spice Girls have ever done. I'm one of those sad bastards who actually likes the Spice Girls (and admits it) so I decided to work it out. It's fairly simple in its chord progressions, and therefore quite easy to interpret in a way that suits you best. SAY YOU'LL BE THERE - SPICE GIRLS intro: (keyboard arranged for guitar) Bm E G D e|------------2---------------------------------------------------| B|----------3-----5---3-------7---5---3-------3---3---------------| G|4-------4-------4-----4-----4---4-----4-----0---2---------------| D|4---------------6-----------6---6-----------0---0---------------| A|2---------------------------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------------------| riff A: (keyboard arranged for guitar) Bm E G D e|----7-------5---------------------------------------------------| B|0-------7-------5---3-0---5^7---5---3-----5^7---5---3-----3-2---| G|--------------------------------------2-----------------2-----2-| D|----------------------------------------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------------------| Chords and lyrics: Bm/E/G/D (aah... say you'll be there) Bm E I'm giving you everything G D All that joy can bring, this I swear Bm E Last time that we had this conversation G D I decided we should be friends Bm E But now we're going 'round in circles G D Tell me will this deja-vu never end? And now you tell me that you've fallen in love Well I never ever thought that would be This time you gotta take it easy Throwing far too much emotions at me riff B: (played over bridge) C Bm Bb A e|----------------------------------------------------------------| B|8---------------7---------------6---------------5---5---5---5---| G|--------9---------------7---------------7-------6---6---6---6---| D|----------------------------------------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------------------| Bridge: C Bm But any fool can see they're falling Bb A I gotta make you understand chorus: Bm E I'm giving you everything G D All that joy can bring, this I swear Bm E And all that I want from you G D Is a promise you will be there riff C: (played over bridge 2) Bm E Bm E e|----7-------5-----------------------7-------5-------------------| B|0-------7-------5---3-0---7~~~~~~-------7-------5~~~~~~~5^12----| G|----------------------------------------------------------------| D|----------------------------------------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------------------| Bridge 2: Bm E Say you will be there Bm - Won't you say it with me? If you put two and two together You will see what our friendship is four If you can't work this equation Then I guess I'll have to show you the door Bridge: (repeat riff B) There is no need to say you love me It would be better left unsaid Chorus: I'm giving you everything All that joy can bring, this I swear And all that I want from you Is a promise you will be there Yeah... I want you Solo: Bm/E/G/D (Just play around, it shouldn't be too hard to get the hang of it) Bridge (repeat riff B) C Bm Any fool can see they're falling Bb A I gotta make you understand (n.c.) I'll give you everything, on this I swear Just promise you'll always be there Repeat chorus to fade (add. lyrics: I'm giving you everything/all that joy can bring/yes I swear)

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tablature somewhere between suzy bogguss

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